2022 NFL Season Preview, Predictions: NFC North Division Winner

For eight out of 11 seasons, NFC North belonged to Green Bay Packers. During this period, the Hazmons averaged 10.7 wins and had only a two-time losing record. In each of the past three years, they’ve won 13 games under coach Matt LaFleur.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions Only in the second year of rebuilding with a new coach and general manager. The Chicago Bears And the Minnesota Vikings They both have a new coach and general manager this year. Everyone is fixing their franchise in an effort to catch the Packers and eventually make this division competitive again.

Is it too early to believe a change of guard could happen in 2022?

Like just about every team, North NFC fan bases are feeling pretty good about themselves these days. Lions fans are encouraged by what’s seen as a great coaching staff and a front desk determined to build just the right way – no matter how slow the process. Vikings fans are celebrating the end of what turns out to be a toxic era for Mike Zimmer and what appears to be an era Employment Type “Educator” at Kevin O’Connell. The Bears seem the least confident of the pack, but even a sexy quarterback like Justin Fields provides hope among the still-in-progress crew.

So who will win the NFC North? Can anyone challenge the Packers this year?

Our staff is making their predictions, as the preview of the 2022 NFL season continues.

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John Whitaker: Packers

If you are reading NFC North . Preview SeriesYou’ll know the Packers boast amazing top-to-bottom defense. Even without a proven weapon, the crime would still be serious as well. Chicago has collapsed, Minnesota is on the water, Detroit is still growing, and no team seems ready to challenge Green Bay in the North.

Ryan Matthews: Packers

The Green Bay Packers will win the NFC North because Aaron Rodgers is still the quarterback, Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon are one helluva duo, in the backcourt, the defense is flying under the radar – he could end up being up front-5 defense in the league.

Hamza Bakoush: Packers

2022 is a race for second place in the NFC North, and it’s wide open. The Bears are in disarray with stellar talent in QB, and the Vikings, while usually persistent, are anything but a safe bet with double-threat star David Blough under center. I’m kidding, of course, but in all seriousness, I always hold my breath on the new system until I see something concrete. The Underdogs have continuity under one of the best offensive minds in the NFL, and Aaron Rodgers is out of his mind, literally and figuratively. I hate to say it, but I expect Buck will run away with the department in 2022.

Jerry Mallory: Vikings

I think this could be interesting to me. Green Bay has dominated the division for the past few years, but the Vikings will hardly miss them this year by a game or two. List of Vikings are still talented. Last year looked like a mixture of injuries and the need for a change at the top. They have a new GM and added a much needed first time head coach in Kevin O’Connell which should give them enough positive change to win the degree.

Jeremy Raisman: Packers

While I think there’s been some legitimate hype outside the Vikings camp lately, it’s from the Packers and it’s not particularly close. When you have such a good defense and a quarterback in the Hall of Fame, you don’t need much when everyone else in the division is at some point in rebuilding. Returning to the past, the most interesting question will be “Who will finish second?” B.

Mike Payton: Packers

As much as I would say black, I can’t at this point. I’ll say the NFC North is weak enough that it could happen, but as long as Aaron Rodgers is around, I have to go with the Packers to win the NFC North again. The clock is ticking for them though.

Morgan Cannon: Packers

Green Bay Packers: It pains me to admit it, but the Green Bay roster is still one of the best in NFC. Losing wide receiver from All-Pro Davante Adams is painful, but they still have Aaron Rodgers in the middle (for now, until he moves permanently to Peru), and the big playmakers on the defensive side of the ball.

Eric Schlett: Packers

I hate it but this is a split case now. The Lions are improving but probably not quite ready, the Bears are obviously rebuilding, the Vikings are pretending not to rebuild, and the Packers are the most complete team with the league’s best player under position. Green Bay has experience and talent – even though they lost some superstars last season – so look for them to win the degree, host a playoff… and lose to 49ers On the sectional tour.

Perfect Chris: Packers

You will hate her, but your hate has nothing to do with being cold over everything. I expect the Vikings’ appearance to improve, but I can’t trust the first year coach yet. Trash bears. Lions will improve, but not enough to win the NFC North.

The news of the Packers’ demise was premature. Just because Davante Adams left doesn’t cancel out this offense, which was actually more focused on running than last year’s passing. Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillion Lightning and Thunder.

You will bear it, black lovers, if only for one year.


Who will win the NFC North in 2022?