3 bold predictions for Dyson Daniels in 2022-23

The New Orleans Pelicans were in the rare position of being a playoff team that still had to pick in the lottery, using the eighth pick they received from the Lakers to pick Dyson Daniels.

The Australian is an intriguing two-way player to break out of the G-League, who can handle the ball, cut on the wing and defend multiple positions.

He will be Join the loaded list Which has eyes on a deep playoff run, so Daniels will have to earn every minute and could start the season out of the rotation. He also suffered a summer league injury that was limited to just eight minutes, so he should be impressive in training camp and prepping for the season to get early into the regular season.

Willie Green has shown that he will play with younger players if they put in an effort on the defensive side, so Daniels won’t sit out for long if he’s working.

His size and defense might be immediately playable, I guess. Dyson Daniels He will eventually find his way into the rotation and will make an impact next season.

Here are three bold predictions for Daniels’ junior season.

New Orleans Pelicans: 3 Bold Predictions by Dison Daniels

#1: Daniels will get minutes on Devonty Graham

The New Orleans Pelicans will have three junior guards sitting on the bench at Jose Alvarado, Graham Defonte and Kira Luis Jr.

It looks as if Alvarado has a lock on one of those points, as he was an influential player pinned to the bench and played well across the field and made a difference in his defence.

Playing Jose alongside Graham or Lewis Jr could be a problem, as they are all small and can really only defend one position, although Alvarado can withstand just about anyone.

That could lead Daniels to finally get a nod off the bench, as he is 6ft 7ft tall, can defend multiple positions, and his 6ft 11 wingspan can be devastating to the ocean. Can put swans in Defensive lineups With Alvarado, Daniels and Herbert Jones potentially shutting down and facing off against anyone.

Bills needs Graham’s shot, but coach Green has shown his preference for defending, so if Daniels shows he can defend, Graham may be the best. Strange man out of whirl.

Having regular minutes of rotation would be huge for Dyson Daniels as a teenager in his freshman year in the league.

#2: Daniels will pay off

Perhaps the boldest prediction, Daniels shot just 25 per cent of the 3-point range and his shot was thought to be his biggest weakness, as he is a good playmaker who can finish the ball around the edge.

But he’ll play a lot off the ball for the Pelicans, often with players drawing double teams, so Daniels should get a lot more open eye compared to the G-League, where he was someone who used a lot and spent a lot of time with the ball in his hands.

He will also work with assistant coach Fred Vinson, who has helped guys like Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Herb Jones improve from beyond the arc. I don’t think Daniels will suddenly turn into Steve Curry but I do think a big jump of 31-32 percent is possible, which would make him more playable as a rookie.

#3: Daniels will be one of the top 5 robbery beginners

Herb Jones led all of the Novices in steals last season and Daniels has a chance to join him if he can earn enough minutes.

He has the engine and two wings to disrupt the passing lanes and he’ll have plenty of chances with Alvarado and Jones pressing the ball. Daniels averaged 1.9 steals per game last season and will be playing with much better defenders next season who will take on the toughest jobs, letting him roam free and chase thefts.

Daniels may not get enough minutes early to lead all the rookies, but I think he has a good chance of being in the top 5 steals among first-year players if he can buy time.

It won’t be handed to him, and Daniels will have to beat some good players to get minutes, but his size and defense opens up bigger and more diverse squads for the Pelicans, so don’t rule out a big rookie of the season.