49ers vs Bears preview and score prediction: why the Niners will win by double digits

Cheer up, Niners Nation readers! You’ve survived your post-traumatic stress disorder, and in just over 48 hours, you’ll see a file 49ers They took off on the field in Chicago as they kicked off their season against the Bears. DraftKings Sportsbook He has the Niners at -7 heading into the weekend.

But, first, I’ll highlight some key matches and give my prediction for the 49ers season that I expect It will be very promising.

Let’s start with a quarterback stand, where two top players from the 2021 draft class will face off. Justin Fields enters his second year with a bit more NFL experience than Trey Lance, having had nearly 200 more passing attempts during his junior season. Fields finished the 2021 season throwing 1,870 yards with 7 touchdowns and ten interceptions with a 58% completion rate.

The fields also have additional portability, and the 49ers gained first-hand experience of just how dangerous dashing ability on the fields can be when the two teams met last season.

On the flip side, the 49 players also have a young and moving back-to-back player in Lance, who has shown his ability to press down defenses with his legs.

While Fields have the upper hand in experience at the NFL level, Lance has the luxury of having a better team around him that is more valuable in the vacuum of a single game. As a result, Fields would probably be heroic for the Bears to win this game, but Lance doesn’t.

Chicago has some great chops in skill spots, with Darnell Mooney, David Montgomery and Cole KM leading a strong line-up of playmakers. Nobody in the Bears is close to Debo Samuel’s level. However, who did this the last time these two teams met?

Brandon Ayok joined in the fun the last time 49 people were in Chicago.

It has been reported that George Keitel is dealing with a Class II thigh strainAnd I expect him to be out for this match after his absence from training on Thursday. Being without a Kittle is a huge hit to attack, especially in a running game.

The last time Kittle missed a Lance start, the ground game had a few missed opportunities directly related to missed missions and/or poor execution in a running game from the tight end position sans Kittle. There’s something to watch for in this game, especially with forecasts suggesting an 80% chance of rain which will likely result in both teams running the ball more.

Turning to the offensive line, we get a great game between two selections from the first All-Pro team of 2021. Robert Quinn would come out of the year that saw him post 18 sacks, while Trent Williams brought back the level of greatness in the left-footing center with one of the most dominant seasons we’ve seen on the offensive line. Launching from an offensive line player.

When the 49ers of the Bears met last season, Quinn lined up with Williams on 27 fast passes. On those 27 reps, this was the only pressure Quinn scored against Williams.

Williams got the best of Quinn the last time these two went out, with most actors doing something like this.

Both teams have novice players in the offensive line, but the 49-man defense line is more equipped to take advantage of that. There will also be some familiar matches, where Arik Armstead will see a known enemy inside. The staging center for the Bears, Lucas Patrick, was in Green Bay Packers Last year, which is what happened the last time he and Armstead went toe-to-toe.

Chicago also has a familiar face on the right intervention, which is where Riley Reeve was initially placed. The 49ers saw the Reiff in Cincinnati last season, and he and Nick Bossa are quite familiar with each other. Bossa did this against Reeve to take a win over the Vikings in 2019.

I expect the pressure that the 49ers will eventually be able to defend the Bears will be the difference in this competition. In a wet game that will be dictated by who can win on the line of scrimmage, I give a nod to the 49ers in this game. Not having Jimmie Ward at the back end will be tough, and losing Kittle will no doubt be felt on the offensive side of the ball.

I think the 49ers are too talented to let these two injuries stop them from coming back from Chi-Town with a win. My final prediction:

49ers 24 – Bears 13