A Cowboys media voice suggests Jalen Tolbert may be inactive on Sunday

Sunday will mark the start of a new season for Cowboys in Dallasone where expectations are rather high given the team won the division a year ago, but ended up disappointing in the playoffs.

Expectations often correlate with pressure and it kind of feels like the intensity in Dallas and the demand for it to achieve greatness this season. On the surface, their list contains a lot of questions that we hope to get some answers for tampa bay pirates, Near the top of the list is how the organization handles the broad receiver position.

The Cowboys traded Amari Cooper off the season, but they also lost Cedric Wilson at free agency. Dallas “replaced” these players by signing James Washington (who will be absent for the time being while in the injured reserve) on free agency and drafting Galen Tolbert in the third round. They ended up adding KaVontae Turpin after training camp started, and while we’re excited about him, time will really tell if he’s involved in the team’s offensive game plan or not.

There is some talk that Galen Tolbert may be inactive on Sunday night against the pirates

Coming into Sunday’s game against Tampa, the Cowboys own a CeeDee Lamb which is WR1, but beyond that there isn’t much in terms of proven experience at the NFL level. In all likelihood, Michael Gallup won’t play, and James Washington certainly won’t, so the presumed fact is that Galen Tolbert will inherit an opportunity to contribute.

But can there be a curve in week 1? The voice of longtime mother Brian Broadus (who can now be heard in 105.3 fan) said recently in Star Love Podcast That Galen Tolbert might be inactive on Sunday night. He added some clarification on Twitter after people started asking him about it.

While it would have hardly been the end of the world if Tolbert had a healthy scratcher against a pirate (it wasn’t included in the injury report, so that would actually be), it sure would be frustrating given the events of the past few months.

The Cowboys have talked a lot about Tolbert and it wasn’t a huge leap people made assuming the team was planning to contribute to him right away. It was always assumed that Gallup would lose time early in the season and the Cowboys chose to stick with the group of recipients they apparently had as an indication that they were okay with the status quo.

As Brian Broadus notes, it might be down to Cowboys’ clothes Galen Tolbert or fellow rookie Dennis Houston. While Tolbert was a third-round pick for the Cowboys, teammate Dennis Houston took a much less conventional path and made the roster as an unpolished free agent this year after quickly building confidence with quarterback Dak Prescott throughout camp. On the flip side of that, Tolbert had no precursor that set the world on fire.

Perhaps that is due to Houston’s trust with Prescott. The Cowboys probably feel that Houston is the right game at this very moment. But it would surely be frustrating to see Tolbert inactive.

In the end we have to see what happens. Broaddus simply suggests that this can happen, and we pass it on as heads. But in the end, the Cowboys might dress Tolbert very well and it would all be just a passing rumour.