Aces and Sun take advantage of their agility ahead of their highly competitive rivalries

Las vigas – Teresa Plaisance A fake antique camcorder targets MVP A’ja Wilson twice in the corner of the field at Michelob Ultra Arena. Las Vegas goalkeeper aces Sydney Coulson Holding the imaginary microphone, ready to jump into the media pool with a question about the “clowns” that Wilson is referring to.

After half an hour , Connecticut Sun Protect Dijonay Carrington He has a real microphone in his hand at the other end of the field. Tracked and recorded by a real camera Jonquil Jones In the act of imitating Courtney Williams, who in turn gives her best impression of coach Kurt Miller. Williams walks in front of the bench, footing her feet in the ground in front of Miller seated near the scorers table. The entire area exploded in laughter.

Aces and Sun, both chasing their first championships in franchise history, are clearly focused but relaxed less than 24 hours before the game’s first game tip. WNBA Finals, which is expected to be another highly competitive chain close by. There is something to be said for being able to fly in the high stakes moments. That’s how the top seed works and what the number three seed needed to take advantage of once again to take down current champion Chicago Sky and make it here.

Plaisance and Coulson, who later painted a nasty, iconic side eye from Chelsea Gray, are the clowns taking center stage on Saturday. They raise their voices to make it clear that they’re telling a reporter that there are plans for Coulson and Gray to get best friends tattoos on their fingers, so when they point to each other, it reads.

“No, we’re not,” Gray states in the middle of her interview, clearly having heard the idea before.

“This is my interview,” Coulson replies. “You and I are best friends. It has already been recorded.”

Gray shoots a side eye, and Coulson is ready: “That adorable look! She can’t resist us!”

The team achieved gold in social media by leaping to “I Think I Like It” by Gucci Mane on Instagram in July. There was a prank war at the time between Derica Hamby and Kelsey Bloom It led to the appearance of a police officer for training. Teammates called Wilson constantly for gifts for them each time she received a major honor. She delivered her bags of her Ruffles Chips last month.

Wilson and Bloom had their weekend comedy special All-Star in Chicago, joking that they didn’t know Jackie Young because she was on the other team. Plum jokes You can’t talk to the young brick wall because it will bounce back. Then they had fun cornering her (never unheard of in an All-Star Game Not Against Team USA) and laughing at her (in good fun) afterwards.

Sidney Coulson, one of the most entertaining ace players in Las Vegas, poses with Chelsea Gray and Rickona Williams at the IX Awards at Allegiant Stadium in June. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

A lot of this group have been here before, even though they were unable to hold their Finals matches at home in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wilson said this team was swept away by a dominant team from the Seattle Storm and looking back, I felt then that she was glad to be there. “Oh, cool, that’s nice,” she said of how others might view their race for second place.

This is not the case now in their locker room, which boasts best player (Wilson), Coach of the Year (Becky Hammon)And the Most Improved Player (Jackie Young) And the Defensive Player of the Year (Wilson). They will likely dominate the All-WNBA team that will be announced this week.

“Here, I feel like I’m meant to be here,” Wilson, who won her first MVP award of 2020, told reporters after training on Saturday. “I feel like I earned it. And it’s not like a shock.

“It feels good when you feel it when you earn it. When you put in the work, you see the rewards coming, you see everyone reap the benefits of what you give, and what we put in.”

The Sun definitely earned its comeback spot with a stunning comeback in Game 5 of the Semifinals series in Chicago on Thursday. DeWanna Bonner, who won titles with Phoenix Mercury in 2009 and 2014, asked Miller to drop the movie review before the must-win 4 game and met with her teammates to tell them she enjoyed it.

“Kind of getting into that mindset [and] Bonner told Yahoo Sports. “You must live in the moment. This is only a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once you start enjoying, that’s what I saw in Game 4 of [semifinals]. this is us. Some teams can do this serious thing, but not us.”

Connecticut State had the most wins in playoff history without winning a championship and all the post-season talk was about closing their window. It’s important for them to forget this kind of thing, Bonner said. They won two knockout matches to book a trip to the World Cup Finals for the first time since losing the decisive Match 5 to the Washington Mystics in 2019.

“We’ve been so close and you know when you don’t get there, it really makes it more difficult,” Miller told Yahoo Sports. “For us to come back, I know that the veteran group that has been around in the past is just excited. And all that hard work over the past few years is coming together at this moment to get back to the finals.”

There is a balance you have to find between fun and focus, between the silly and the serious, Miller said. Every coach and player is different. But for these groups, at least 24 hours before tipping, calm depends on leaving everything on the field for the next two weeks. They both returned it. They both take it one game at a time, in their style, to the first cup.

Connecticut Sun's DeWanna Bonner celebrates defeating Chicago Sky in the WNBA Semifinals on September 8, 2022 to advance to the finals to face the Las Vegas Aces.  (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

Connecticut Sun’s DeWanna Bonner celebrates defeating Chicago Sky in the WNBA Semifinals on September 8, 2022 to advance to the finals to face the Las Vegas Aces. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)