After jazz trades for Horton Tucker, Donovan Mitchell’s trade still looms large with offers beyond the Knicks

Wednesday night, and Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers It agreed to a deal in principle, a deal that should be completed on Thursday, that would bar any medical hurdles, according to league sources. The Jazz will send a Veteran Guard Patrick Beverly To the Lakers for the guard Taleen Horton Tucker and small forward Stanley JohnsonOutstanding physics.

The proverbial elephant in the room, possible Donovan Mitchell The trade, it still looms large over jazz and whatever their immediate future as a menu.

Utah and New York Knicks There were ongoing discussions, but those talks yielded no progress to the point that trade became imminent. As those talks continue, jazz has started to come up with performances from other bands, league sources say the athlete. As of Thursday morning, Jazz has multiple shows on the table for Mitchell from bands other than the Knicks that they find interesting and worth pursuing, according to sources. Sources say they are offers worth pursuing, should talks between Utah and the Knicks stall.

Mitchell did not ask for a deal from Jazz, according to sources. But, if he were to trade, sources say, his preferred destination would be one of three places: Knicks, Brooklyn Networksor the Miami Heat. Mitchell can’t trade nets as long as Ben Simmons is on the list, which makes this destination unlikely and even now unlikely with Kevin Durant remains. The Heat simply doesn’t have the assets jazz is looking for, which makes this destination unlikely. Nicks has the assets that jazz pursues, which has made it a natural potential business partner.

But as of Thursday morning, the two sides had not come close to an agreement, according to the sources.

Sources say the Jazz remain determined what they want in return if they trade Mitchell. They want a bushel of unprotected first-round picks. They want young players with manageable contracts with a great deal of control over the team.

Trading Beverley, a veteran currently on the roster, for Horton-Tucker and Johnson, sends a clear signal that jazz will be young this coming season. But, sources say, Jazz is comfortable running the season with Mitchell on the roster, regardless of who’s around him on the roster. If they are persuaded to trade with Mitchell, they are bound by the exorbitant price they set for themselves. If that price isn’t met, they’re good at keeping it on the list once bootcamp opens and in season.

Why Mitchell’s hard line of jazz?

Here’s the simple part: They know Mitchell is one of the most dynamic offensive players in the league. They know that finding a player who can score 25 points a night, with five assists and five rebounds, is not easy. Mitchell will turn 26 in September but has yet to reach the peak of his career. They know that they have acquired enough assets in trading Rudy Gobert to me Minnesota Timberwolves – Four first-round picks with three completely unprotected – she’s in a position to re-equip Mitchell on the fly. And perhaps most importantly, Mitchell has three years left on his current deal. So, settling for a deal they consider 90 cents on the dollar or less is something the jazz team is determined not to do.

The Jazz traded Beverly for the Lakers because he didn’t fit into the Utah schedule, at the age of 34. The former Utah front office system, led by Dennis Lindsay, liked Horton Tucker somewhat in the pre-drafting process when he was getting out of Iowa. That order included Justin Zanek, the current Utah General Manager.

It is not known what role Horton Tucker will play with the jazz band, because there are still a lot of moving parts on this list. As of Thursday morning, Utah’s backcountry includes Mike ConleyAnd the Jordan ClarksonMitchell Owner BeasleyAnd the Jared ButlerAnd the Leandro Bolmaro And the Nickel Alexander Walker. So, as of now, it’s impossible to visualize what kind of minutes or role Horton Tucker will play.

But he is still young at the age of 21 years. He is good at basketball. He is athletic, cunning, and has the mentality of a natural goalscorer. At the same time, he was not a natural drive for the ball. He has a long way to go defensively, and his jump needs significant growth. He has a year left on his current contract, with the option of a player representing a second season. So, this year will be too much for us to see if this marriage can work a season for jazz and Horton Tucker.

Johnson is a former lottery pick who hasn’t played at this level in NBA. But he is a decent wing defender. He’s a good athlete and plays with a intensity that the jazz team didn’t play last season.

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