Airplane beginners have a chance to be something special

The Kids are ready to go out and play.

and contribute.

That’s the Jets’ vision, starting with Sunday’s season opener against the Ravens at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets could have four draft picks in 2022 out of 22 starting players on Sunday – two on each side of the ball – Cornback sauce gardnerreceiver Garrett Wilson, running back Bryce Hall and edger jermaine Johnson.

While Hall and Johnson will be making heavy use of rotation players, the most influential players with the potential to make fans even more exciting will likely be Gardner and Wilson.

Gardner and Wilson, who were the fourth and tenth picks in the April draft, had notable summers. Both showed a common tendency to mature beyond what their birth certificates say. They both show traits of humility more than being divas. Both are not afraid of the big moment. They are both confident without being cocky.

Coach Robert Saleh has spoken throughout the summer of how excited he is to see who will be the “stars” in his team and how and when they will reveal themselves. Saleh believes that some of these potential stars are emerging.

When asked to quantify Gardner’s level of confidence, Gardner, who never once allowed himself to be caught in 1,059 shots during his college career in Cincinnati, Saleh directed “This Is Spinal Tap” and said, “Eleven.”

The sauce got all the confidence in the room,” said Safety Jordan Whitehead, an outside acquisition from Tampa Bay. “Just from his preparations, you can tell he’s ready to play. He doesn’t get beaten up, so he has to be confident. He makes plays.

“He highlights it all the time [being] Fourth choice overall, but you wouldn’t even know. He prepares himself for work every day, ready on his shoulders and ready to learn. ”

How good can Gardner be?

“When I look at him, I don’t even think of a novice,” Whitehead said. “I see him there as a vet, as a leader on this team. He is ready to start.”

Jets Cornerback Sauce Gardner (1) seen during training.
Jets Cornerback Sauce Gardner (1) seen during training.
Noah Murray/New York Post

Whitehead is also excited about Wilson.

“Watching his ways, it’s like he’s playing basketball – crossing and jumping for balls,” Whitehead said. “When he goes up and catches the ball, it’s always the jump ball for him, he always hits it high, [has] Great hands, he’s just a sports freak. ”

Offensive goalkeeper Laken Tomlinson, another veteran off-season acquisition coming from a winning program [San Francisco]The presence of the rising talent on the list “excites me very much,” he said.

“The people who choose to enlist for us are really talented guys, guys who love to work and who have bought into the culture we have here, the winning culture,” Tomlinson said. “I am excited for these guys to go out there and show that they belong in this league.”

New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson, 17, participates in hands-on training during New York Jets training camp.
Garrett Wilson’s ability to create a chapter on defensive linebackers convinced the Jets that he was the number one receiver in the draft.
Noah K. Murray New York Post

Although Gardner and Wilson’s lineage and accomplishments are well documented, Hall comes to the Jets after being the most productive in college football in 2021, rushing 1,472 yards a year after producing 1,572 yards. Hall set an NCAA record by scoring at least one quick touchdown in 24 consecutive games—41 TDs overall in that period.

Last season in Florida, Johnson produced 11.5 sacks and 17.5 saves.

Among the other starters with a chance of making an instant difference is the fourth-round pick of Michael Clemons, who played as a backfield wrecker in pre-season.

Saleh knows, for starters and all the confidence they’ve gained in training camp and pre-season games, the degree of difficulty increases on Sunday.

“It’s a completely different animal,” Salih said. “That first game is just different in terms of how much speed, how much violence he has, how fast everything moves. There’s still another step they all have to take. There’s a set of steps they all have to take.”

“I like [Gardner’s] Mentality. I don’t think it’s too big for him. It’s not too big for Garrett, Bryce, Jermaine, Michael Clemons…all of our newbies. [I’m] Really excited to see these guys in their first week. ”

The group has a chance to be something special. Who will appear as stars?

“I know we have them,” Saleh said. “It will be very interesting to watch this team grow this year in terms of who these guys are going forward in the fourth quarter. It’s where you see men love [Patrick] Mahomes and Josh Allen throw straw makers and Stefon Diggs. At the end of the Super Bowl, where you see Aaron Donald do the last two games of the game and wrap up that game.

“I think we got something really good here, and it will be fun to watch it develop. You never know until you know, but I know we got it.”