Boston Celtics mailbag: Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin and Danilo Gallinari’s trade odds, can Noah Funley help?

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Why haven’t we signed Carmelo Anthony yet? With Gallinari down, it makes a lot of sense not to. It would be a huge credit off the bench to provide the scoring option for that second unit, as well as Brogdon. And at this point in Carmelo’s career, the prospect of securing the ring should be the number one priority. We have room on the list and the lower nodes for the veteran nodes definitely won’t break the bank. I understand it comes with some responsibilities, like a lack of defense, questionable shot selection and the ego of a former star. But the latter appears not to be a problem for the star-studded Lakers last year. If we’re willing to plot for Gallinari’s defensive incompetence, we can certainly do the same with a former Milo star. It makes a lot of sense not to do that, and I really hope Brad gets it done before someone else does. Cheers, Justin Wayne

If C doesn’t pick up Carmelo, that’s a good 10 men rotation for the reg season. Assuming good health, who would be off the bench in a shorter playoff? Grant, Brogdon, or White? Or do Horford and Carmelo rest on tour or twice if possible? Or do you have 10 men’s rotation? — s

apple tree??? – Freddy

The Carmelo Anthony fanfare has been a hot topic this week after rumors started swirling about the Celtics’ interest in him last week. However, multiple league sources have told MassLive that the Celtics are not expected to be interested in bringing in the veteran to sign before training camp. This doesn’t mean the team has finished making up the squad before the start of the season but Anthony is not a priority at this point in the names to bring. Boston loves so many interior replacement options from what I’ve heard and want to give these names their first crack in minutes.

Anthony did a respectable job as he shifted into more of a role over the last two seasons in Los Angeles and Portland, but there’s a reason the Lakers (and everyone else) aren’t brought in at this point. The 38-year-old has had his teams at the bottom of the league in the defensive rankings for the past three years with him playing big minutes. I could see the Celtics make that call later in the year if they need some scoring off the bench but the first logical step seems to give the youngsters more chances. This includes Sam Hauser as well as a number of top men vying for the nominees’ slates.

What do we expect from Noah Fonlet?

It’s been a solid rebound for the majority of his NBA career, but the rest of his skills certainly haven’t translated after a lottery pick in 2014. He’s more experienced now at 27 and perhaps a year abroad will lead him to embrace his strength more as he tries to fight for a place on the roster in The camp. His finishing touches have always been below par for his size, and his 3-point shot (30 percent for a career) is a big question mark, too. He would have to show growth in one of those areas of the camp to win a place. However, the biggest factor with it comes defensive. He’s a poor blocker and his overall play at that end of the floor has always been a big question mark as he’s bounced on seven teams over seven seasons. He will probably play the best defense of his career if he makes the squad but he will need to show he can keep himself in the paint on nights when Rob Williams and Al Horford aren’t available.

Now that Gallo is probably out for the year, do you see the Celtics potentially moving him around the deadline for a handy piece this year? For example, the Gallo/PP for trading Poetl works on the money side and prefers the balance list, plus it may be easier to use one of the tpes to find another ranger that can shoot than it is to find a large wing or other useful wing that fits their system. Also, since Gallo has a choice for next year, there’s nothing to stop him from turning it down and coming back next year, right? – Matt D

It would be a tough break for Gallinari in the wake of signing with his childhood favorite team, but he certainly deserves some attention from the Boston front office depending on how the season progresses. The team doesn’t really have much of a moving salary that isn’t an essential part of the base rotation, and the TPE available will be limited since not many players have less than $7 million that will be available and beneficial to Boston’s competing opportunities.

Gallinari will be treated as a two-year contract in any negotiations as there is no way to turn down that player option after he ruptured his ACL. However, his salary ($6.5 million) opens the door to some bigger deals because Boston can get 125 percent of that salary back. Throw in minimal money earning players with Gallinari in a bargain and Boston can make a big man earn $10 million or more. Using Gallinari in the trade also allows more flexibility for the team to pursue further upgrades while keeping their core the same. Not looking for any deal like this soon, (the team wants to see their internal options first) but any major trade that emerges during the season could certainly include Gallinari as a salaried employee.

Good evening B Robb Is Blake Griffin an option to add instead of melo? – Carl C

It was pretty quiet at the front of Blake Griffin which is understandable when you look at his numbers from last season in Brooklyn. In fact, the Nets gave some offensive power in Match 4 against the Celtics but was burned defensively on a regular basis. At this point, it would surprise me to see any aging veteran free agents (Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, Anthony) land with Boston during camp. These guys are going to get a shot somewhere but they don’t see it coming with Boston.

Is the idea of ​​Jays not being able to play together dead or will a slow start raise that bet again? If so, any chance the Celtics would consider a mid-season burgeoning trade and what would that take? – Boston Arman

I don’t expect that to happen this season even with a slow start to the year. The only possibility for Jaylen Brown to trade this year came with Kevin Durant’s trade order. The only way I see Brown move in at some point before his contract expires is if the team doesn’t think he’ll re-sign in the summer of 2024. I haven’t gotten any indication that this is a consideration at this point.

Hi Brian. What better lineup off the bench to mitigate Hauser’s weakness and cover weakness in defense while he’s running in a spin? How early can Tatum sign the Supermax? What do you think of the plan to eventually replace Al Horford even if he plays the Cs for a few more years? – Eddie FB

Hauser playing alongside one of Boston’s most experienced players (Horford or Rob Williams) will definitely give him some leeway on the defensive front. Tatum is not eligible for supermax until he has two years left on his deal, I think until 2024 at the earliest.

The best case scenario for Al Horford’s replacement plan is for Grant Williams to continue developing offensively well enough to be a top-tier player. He took a huge step forward last year on that front, but there are still ways for him. The opportunity will exist after the team lost to Danilo Gallinari of the year.

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