Can Max Christie break the Lakers’ cycle as a rookie and contribute right away?

Welcome to our site Lakers Season Preview Series! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be writing columns each day of the week, detailing the biggest questions we have about every player the Lakers have added this off season. Today, we take a look at Max Christie.

When Lakers Max Christie was drafted by the 35th choice In this year’s draft, they invested in his potential and his development. It appears that the Lakers’ scouting division, which has been one of the best, if not the best in the league over the past decade, has had its eyes set on Michigan State early product 2019.

19-year-old external silk stroke, ability to me He makes his own shot from dribbling, and his 6’9 wingspan All references to Jesse Boss – head of the scouting division at the Lakers – that Kristi could return the elite value to an early second-round pick. The probability was 6’5, according to Rob Pelinka, is Unanimous selection of a project by the front officewhich speaks volumes about how much they believe in Christie’s potential.

If Christie can pull it all together, Christie plans to evolve into the archetypal two-way wing, arguably the most vibrant attitude of this era. His defense inside the ball and the ball Liked too Lakers copper enough to sign him A guaranteed contract of $2.74 million for two years. Even while a picture of what could be Kristi makes a lot of promise, The bigger question is whether he can adapt to the highest level in the sport as quickly as possible Austin Reeves did last season.

In A Handful Of Kristi’s Appearances summer league Last July, he seemed ill-equipped to thrive among professional basketball players, especially not trying to score the ball. The Spartan graduate has shown glimpses of his two-way potential, but not enough so far to justify the Lakers’ massive investment in him. His strength and power were distinguished in comparison with his peers, And it didn’t help that he only got 20% of his 3.1 3 throws per game.

While it’s unfair to write off a rookie based on eight showrunners, it represents the full extent of his career thus far. With a little polishing, could he find a role in it Darvin Ham 4-out 1-in System? Could he become a major contributor to a championship contender?

What is his best scenario?

The Lakers may count on Christie’s long-term development, but his best chance of playing this season is to provide a spark of instant energy off the bench. Ultimately, his ability to secure a place in the spin will be reduced to if he can convert his players (especially his pick-and-shoot opportunities) and keep up with his opponents physically defending on the field.

Hopefully Christie shoots better than he did in Las Vegas as he only hits 28.6% of his shots from the field and 22.2% of his 3-point attempts. His smooth ball-floating skills and ball-handling skills can help him create an open look, but he’ll need to make enough of them to merit serious playing time. A rookie player may not have the speed and explosiveness to impose himself physically, but he can influence the game with his height, defensive ability, and determination. These gifts alone should at least allow him to earn a little burn.

What’s his worst case scenario?

If Christie doesn’t feel comfortable at the NBA level, there’s a chance he might switch from “Clamp Christie” (a A term coined by Lakers fans due to his outstanding defensive performance in the summer) to “Med Christi”.

Jokes aside, the pressure is on Kristi to prove he really deserves to be picked in the second round. If Christie doesn’t get enough minutes due to his inexperience, he’ll be seen as a bust, especially if the likes of Jaden Hardy or Kendall Brown (who were drafted after him) do well for their teams.

Over the past four years, the Lakers have shown that they will not wait for their young core to develop if it comes at the cost of providing the team with legitimate roles, especially with the stated organizational goal of maximizing The remaining years of LeBron James in Los Angeles.

The 19-year-old will be competing for minutes on his team Surrounding players. If he looks lost all year, Christie can be used as a salary ballast by the time the trade deadline for this season comes. Christie needs to prove that his two-way ability deserves to be shown on the court, or else his first year will not be a memorable one.

What is his likely role this season?

If you like Kristi in training camp and during pre-season, there’s a chance pork meat He plays him immediately at the start of the regular season, albeit in a limited role. Hamm, Player Development Specialist, did it Mentioned at his introductory press conference in June His goal is to continue to develop his young players and make them feel comfortable. The best way for Kristi to prove his worth and at the same time get his feet wet is to play 10 minutes (split into two bouts) per game on the bench and hopefully saves good minutes.

The rookie player will also spend a lot of time with the Lakers’ Shooting and Development team working on their game. On the field, the Lakers likely like to offer passable shooting (especially for such a team that needs it most), defense, fresh legs and energy. And if he proves his strength early on, he could become a major contributor to the Lakers now, and cement his place in the future of the franchise.

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