Tomlin, Steelers stick to Pickett against billing

“I thought it gave us a spark,” Tomlin said of Beckett. “I thought we moved it a little looser. I thought we put some dots on the board. Obviously it wasn’t half perfect. We flipped the ball over each other. You can’t do that. He’s young. To grow through the process. But make no mistake … Read more

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Lions coach Dan Campbell isn’t on a hot seat, but he’s facing a tough decision

His hat was slightly ajar. Very temperamental. Detroit Lions Coach Dan Campbell grabbed the microphone with both hands, searching for the correct words. Personally, I think he wanted to scream: “Freakin’ fudgesicles!” Or maybe something a little stronger. I mean, what can you say when your attack scores 45 points but ends up losing to … Read more

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A doctor evaluated the shooting of Tua Tagovailoa from Dolphins

The doctor participated in the disinfection of Tawa Tagoviloa after Miami Dolphins game September 25th It was launched against the Buffalo Bills, league sources confirm to People. ESPN and the NFL network It first reported that the NFL Player’s Association (NFLPA) had fired the physician, an unaffiliated trauma consultant, after it was found that they … Read more

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NFL Week 4 winners, losers: 49 players lose to Bears, Broncos not aging well

The system began to take shape in the NFL rankings. The Green Bay Packers took Aaron Rodgers’ RELAX method and now they’re 3-1. Philadelphia Eagles remain undefeated. Houston Texans tankers. New York Giants… wait, they are 3-1?! Time to announce the winners and losers from Week 4 of the 2022 NFL season: Loser: Paul Pierce … Read more

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Tom Brady doesn’t care how well Jack’s son plays soccer

Tom Brady’s son Jack may be following in his father’s footsteps, but the NFL player isn’t putting pressure on the 15-year-old. The seven-time Super Bowl champion said on Monday’s episode of SiriusXM Podcast, “Let’s Get Started! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray.” Brady, 45, described Jack’s games as “fun,” explaining, “Getting out there … Read more

Should you buy into the new QBs that have gone up in Week 4?

New season, new clothes, new flavor at the ice cream or coffee shop, new broadcast series, ROOKIES – we love new things, right? Much better than the old stuff, especially when it comes to some fantasy football situations. From humans to the simplest bacteria and every species in between, there is a bias towards the … Read more

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Movie review: Explaining how Andy Reed and the bosses took control of the pirates

Last week, I wrote a critical article about Bosses use of 12 and 13 people against ponies. In the 20 plays I drew, the Chiefs produced 53 yards with a paltry 40% success rate. THeads averaged -.2 EPA (Expected points added) out of 12 individuals, and .02 EPA out of 13. My conclusion from this … Read more

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Pittsburgh Steelers bullish Kenny Pickett lists at the top of the middle depth chart

Pittsburgh – IN Kenny Beckett It’s official here. The Pittsburgh Steelers included their 2022 first-round pick as a start on their depth chart for Sunday’s game at the Buffalo Bills. Beckett will be the first rising midfielder to start with the team since free agent Devlin Hodges started six games in the 2019 season. In … Read more

NFL Power Rankings: Does Eagles’ 4-0 Start Mean They’re No. 1?

It’s been four weeks into the NFL season and there is only one undefeated team left. This should make this week’s first entry into the power ratings super easy, right? You think, and yet…! It appears that the majority, but not all, of the National Football Analysts are buying the Eagles as the best team … Read more

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Zach Ertz talks about his difficult last year with the Eagles

The ending was tough for Zach Ertz. Even though he was a Super Bowl champion and one of the 10 best tight ends in NFL history, he knew the Eagles wouldn’t re-sign him. Dallas Guedert would have gotten the big contract and Erts would have ended up elsewhere. But he also knew that the eagles … Read more

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