Celtics Guard Suggested Trade Deals For 23-Year-Old Big


Payton Pritchard #11 of the Boston Celtics talks with Marcus Smart #36.

With Daniel Theiss moving to the Indiana Pacers and Danilo Gallinari in the foreseeable future with a ruptured ACL, Boston Celtics They may be on the lookout for a little extra help in their frontal area. They can solve this problem either by adding someone in free agency or by getting someone into the trade. Hevi’s Sean Devine Suggest a trade Celtics can help solve the problem.

On September 9, Deveney proposed a trade between the Celtics and the Utah Jazz in which the following would occur:

Celtics receive: Jared Vanderbilt

Jazz receives: Payton Pritchard, draft rights to Yam Madar

Deveney explains why former head of basketball operations Danny Ainge is interested in acquiring the player he originally selected for the 2020 NBA Draft.

“Why not tempt Danny Ainge with two of his former Celtics recruits? Pritchard was Ainge’s favorite after he took him in 2020, but he didn’t get along well with coach Ime Udoka. And with Malcolm Brogdon on board, the Celtics don’t need much of a guard depth. points”.

An executive at Devin’s Eastern Conference said the Celtics’ backcountry depth combined with Odoka’s mistrust of Pritchard might be a reason for the Celtics to trade him.

“I think there’s been some concern about how (Pritchard) will fit in,” the eastern CEO said. “Now you have three players with the ball in front of him in rotation, they are all very good defenders, Pritchard is not. He can lie on the floor with his shot but he doesn’t seem to have that confidence factor with (Ime) Udoka. They were willing to involve him in deals this summer, Although it was clearly not their first choice.”

Daveney also explains why the Celtics wanted Vanderbilt.

“The Celtics could use Pritchard and fellow recruit Ainge Yam Madar to get Vanderbilt – a potential long-term replacement for Al Horford – on board.”

Jazz “Think High” by Vanderbilt

on september 6 Brian Robb from MassLive List of jazz players available via trade, including Vanderbilt. Robb revealed Vanderbilt’s presence after getting it from Rudy Gobert’s trade.

League sources tell MassLive that jazz is highly considering the cheap young powerhouse acquired as part of the Rudi Gobert deal. It would certainly help fill in Gallinari’s absence deep in the front court, but his youth makes him a player who isn’t as readily available as other veterans.”

The Celtics can also use either Juancho Hernangomez’s $6.9 million trade exception or Dennis Schroder’s $5.9 million trade exception to acquire Vanderbilt, which is set to bring in $4.3 million for the 2022-23 season. If what Rob says is true, the Jazz won’t just hand him over to the Celtics in this scenario.

Pritchard posts a new video on Instagram

On September 8, Pritchard posted a featured clip of him playing mini basketball on his Instagram page.

Both former and current Celtics commented on a reel. Josh Richardson, who was acquired by the Celtics of Dallas Mavericks But then being traded to the San Antonio Spurs mid-season, he said “Yeah, b.”

“Tell them it’s light,” said Joe Johnson, who was Pritchard’s teammate when he signed his 10-day contract with the Celtics during the 2021-22 season.

Current teammate Sam Hauser made his comment short and sweet when he said, “Rabbits.”

Perhaps most encouraging is that Pritchard is no longer wearing a mask as in the previous reel he posted on August 18, which means his broken nose has apparently been healed.