Celtics Make the Final Call on Adding 10 All-Stars: Report


Carmelo Anthony #7 of the Los Angeles Lakers controls the ball.

It seems that all the rumors surrounding the same Carmelo Anthony will join Boston Celtics They were put to bed once and for all. On September 9 Brian Robb from MassLive He mentioned in his mailing bag whether the Celtics had an interest in bringing all 10 Superstars aboard for next season with Danilo Gallinari has confirmed that he has ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament.

“Carmelo Anthony’s fanfare has been a hot topic this week after rumors began swirling about the Celtics’ interest in him last week. However, multiple league sources told MassLive that the Celtics are not expected to be interested in bringing in the veteran to sign ahead of training camp.”

Robb went on to add that the Celtics may add more players to their roster as the 2022-23 season approaches, but adding Anthony, as Rob calls it, is not a “priority.”

“That’s not to say the team has finished making the roster before the season starts, but Anthony isn’t a priority at this point for the names to bring in. Boston loves a lot of in-house replacement options, from whom I’ve heard, and I want to give these names their first crack in minutes.”

While Rob thinks the Celtics will see what they have on their roster first, he can see them inquiring about Anthony if that happens.

“I could have seen the Celtics make that call later in the year if they needed some scoring off the bench, but the first logical step seems to give the youngsters more chances. That includes Sam Hauser as well as a number of the big men in the competition on the candidate lists.

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Rob doesn’t see any other former stars joining the Celtics

In his mailbag, Rob was also asked about the possibility of adding Blake Griffin to the list. Rob responded by saying that he doesn’t think Griffin, or other former aging superstars like LaMarcus Aldridge, would join the Celtics.

“At this point, it would be surprising to see any aging veteran free agents (Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, Anthony) landing with Boston during camp. These guys are going to get a chance somewhere but they don’t see it coming with Boston.”

Anthony was more clear with Los Angeles Lakers From Griffin or Aldridge with Brooklyn Networks During the 2022-23 season. Anthony played more matches and minutes – 69 and 26 respectively – from Griffin – 56 and 17.1 respectively – Waldridge – 47 and 22.3 respectively. Aldridge didn’t play a minute for the Nets during the 2022 qualifiers, while Griffin played in games 3 and 4.

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Celtics Insider explains Anthony’s potential fit

On September 8 Hevi’s Steve Bullpit He explained in his mail bag why he thought Anthony could be on the Celtics squad as a possible replacement for Gallinari.

“Carmelo’s mentality is miles away from the guy who collects numbers in New York. I think he fits in well with a team that might need some veteran minutes in the playoffs. And in terms of criticism of his defense, well, Gallinari wasn’t expected to be a hindrance.

“What the Celts were looking for from Danilo—and can get from Anthony—is a shooter with a more steady hand.”

When asked if the Celtics were interested, he said he “hasn’t heard anything strong on that front”.

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