Celtics Talk: Why Carmelo Anthony might not interest C at all

On the surface, the move makes sense: The Boston Celtics lost their veteran offensive forward power to a potential injury that has lasted all season, so why not sign an offensive-minded veteran in free agency to fill the void?

We’ve even heard reports of Carmelo Anthony signing with the Celtics ‘starting to gain momentum’ In the wake of Danilo Galinari Diagnosis of an anterior cruciate ligament tear. But the Celtics beat longtime reporter Mark Murphy pouring a little cold water on “Mello’s speculation” during a special appearance on Chris Forsberg’s “Celtics Talk Podcast.”

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“I think they feel like they want to know what they’ve got. They’re not in a rush,” Murphy said of the Celtics. “If there’s a trade there, why not? But I don’t think they’re at all interested in Carmelo, for example.”

Murphy indicated that the Celtics have not shown an interest in Montrezel Harrell, the 28-year-old striker who… He reportedly agreed to a two-year contract With the Philadelphia 76ers this week. But why be wary of including a player like Anthony, who averaged 13.3 points per game off the bench at the Los Angeles Lakers last season?

“I think it has to do with that they don’t want to sacrifice their defensive principles,” Murphy said. “You have to be able to defend. I’m not sure what it would look like the first time Milo had to switch to a points base.”

Murphy’s point is correct: The Celtics prided themselves on playing “team defense” last season, with each player required to guard multiple positions in the substitution. Anthony will be Boston’s weakest defender by far, and head coach making odoka You may not like the idea of ​​fouls repeatedly exploiting the 38-year-old at that end of the floor while the team’s other defenders do their part.

Murphy also hinted at another reason the C’s wouldn’t go after Anthony: They wanted to see what they had back home with Sam Hauser and Top Mfiondu Kabengele Summer League.

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“The only name I’ve talked to that kept coming up, which I thought was a little weird, was Kabengel,” Murphy said. “They feel like they’ve found something with him. He’s had a great season in the G League, he’s got a bit of NBA experience, coming back with the Clippers, so they’re going to find time for him.

“Sam Hauser had shoulder issues, so we didn’t see him often in the Summer League. It’s a great opportunity for him, so why not tie him up?”

The Celtics might feel confident enough in their current squad to publish this roster on opening night, and then order reinforcements before the NBA trade deadline if they don’t like what they’re seeing. If that’s the case, it’s hard to see Anthony in the green Celtics.

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