Charles Barclay reveals “inside information” from the Knicks executive about why they didn’t trade Donovan Mitchell

Consequences of the seismic trade that sent Donovan Mitchell to Cleveland Cavaliers It was almost as interesting as the deal itself. On one hand, we have the Cavs, who are now positioned to be a legitimate competitor to the Eastern Conference for years to come – and on the other hand, we have Jazzthe team that just two seasons ago was ranked #1 in the Western Conference and has now clearly thrown the rebuilding flag.

But what makes this deal interesting is the third ingredient, a New York Knicks The franchise was considered the favorite to land Mitchell, but in the end he was unable to agree terms with Utah. There have been plentiful reports about what the Knicks actually gave Mitchell to jazz: ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported That in July they offered RJ Barrett, Obi Toppin, Mitchell Robinson and three unprotected first-round picks, the Knicks recently refused to include 22-year-old guard Quentin Grimes in their offer, leading Jazz to look elsewhere.

Hall of Famer and current TNT NBA analyst Charles Barkley took part in the negotiations Friday, saying he had “inside information” from William Wesley, the Knicks’ chief executive officer, also known as the World Wide Wes. Barkley said Wesley told him that jazz wanted a lot more than was reported.

“I’ll give you an inside tip,” Barclay said. “I had this conversation last night with Worldwide West over dinner.” ‘I said, Wes, why didn’t you do the trade?’ He said, ‘Hey man. Don’t go through the media.’ [The Jazz] My wife and children wanted.

…he says, ‘We wanted the deal, obviously,’ but he said, ‘They wanted my wife, they wanted my children, and they wanted my grandchildren.’ They were just trying to rip someone off.” So he says, “Dude, we have to pass it.” And I give credit to these guys, because you can’t give up everything.”

There are three sides to every story — in this case, it would be the Knicks side, the Utah side, and then the truth — so we have to take anything that comes from a Knicks executive with caution. Of course, it’s in their best interest to make it look like they made every reasonable effort to get the All-Star three times.

But Barkley’s comments also speak to the ambiguous nature of the negotiations and reports. The last offer the Jazz team was willing to accept, according to Lugnarowski, was Barrett, Grimes, and three first-round picks, with perhaps a light protection in the third pick. From an outside perspective, it doesn’t necessarily appear that The Godfather is asking for a 26-year-old talent of NBA caliber like Mitchell. But we have no idea if the Jazz will eventually accept this deal, or how close the two teams are to actually sealing the deal.

At the end of the day, the Knicks’ extension of Barrett was a clear sign of their willingness to move forward from the Mitchell negotiations, and the Jazz team set their sights on Cleveland. As Barkley said, the Knicks have stuck to their position of not wanting to mortgage their entire future to Mitchell, and now they will live with the consequences, both good and bad.