Chicago Bears vs San Francisco 49ers: Week 1 Prediction

The Chicago Bears No need to worry about inconsistencies from the national media. Everyone everywhere thought they were going to lose on Sunday to the San Francisco 49ers. This is no surprise. Most view the Bears as one of the worst in the NFL, and some predict a 3-14 or 2-15 record. It’s a hot favorite for General Pick #1. The actual players on the team vary. The belief in the changing room is that the talent of this team is not respected enough.

Fair or not, their first chance to prove it comes at Soldier Field on 9/11. It’s a difficult opening act for them. Last season they opened against another NFC West Force (the Rams) and lost 20 points. The 49ers throttled them 31-10 in the regular season last year and nearly beat them again to reach the Super Bowl. So yeah, bears won’t have many believers when they’re running around in the field.

Chicago Bears vs San Francisco 49ers is weird.

Dramatic background:

These are two teams in different stages of existence. The 49ers just went to the NFC Championship. They have a roster that most agree could win the Super Bowl. Bears have spent the past few months handing over nearly two-thirds of their menu. It should come as no surprise that everyone calls them a rebuilding team. When two opponents with these designations meet, it is easy to understand why one is so strongly favored over the other.

Chicago is looking for some revenge after last season. The Bears gave the 49ers a spirited game at Soldier Field, making it 23-22 at one point in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, a defensive breakdown allowed San Francisco to put them out of 33-22 reach. The team is no doubt hoping to exorcise some of the demons from that frustrating loss.

Injuries to watch for:

Philos Jones Jr. (hamstring) – The broadband receiver hasn’t exercised much over the past month. It was not clear why. Now we know. Hamstring injuries can persist, especially for runners like Jones. Such potential flashed in the pre-season win over Seattle. The Bears hoped he would contribute significantly to their attack with his speed and versatility. After you’ve missed another exercise, that sounds questionable.

Georgia Kettle (thigh) – This is great for San Francisco. Their stellar tight end is a danger when he’s on the field, and they need him to help make life easier for the young, untested centre-back. After he missed his latest practice, it’s becoming questionable whether he could ever get dressed on Sundays, given how severe his thigh problems can be. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they just sat with him to be safe.

Main matches:

Braxton Jones vs Nick Bossa – Everyone watching this has a circle. For good reason too. Bosa is a two-time pro player and had 15.5 sacks in the last year. Jones is a fifth-round rookie and has never played against a major college competition. This scream mismatch. still Chicago Bears He seems confident in his little left intervention. If he can survive, that helps greatly to potentially annoy them.

Keller Gordon vs. Depo Samuel The 49ers star receiver abused the Bears in the meeting last season, earning six assists for 171 yards and touchdowns. Lots of damage came from attacking midfield, specifically nickel corners and fullbacks. Gordon lined up in the hole for most of the training camp and pre-season. If this trend continues, he sees a lot of Samuel. It is absolutely the first test for the selection of the second round.


Tree Lance – The previous third year selection spent its first season on the bench. Now he is finally the initiator. People must be effortless. However, there is a constant undercurrent of concerns about Lance. He did not appear as ready as some would like. This may explain why San Francisco chose to keep Jimmy Garoppolo rather than trade him as expected. If Lance struggles, it could disrupt everything for the 49ers.

Cool qumt – Looking at the match last year, the Bears had a lot of success against San Francisco using their tight ends. Kumit and Jesse James combined for six catches and 62 yards and touchdowns. This new Chicago attack is designed to aid in the tight ends of a passing game. It should give Kemet a lot of chances. If he can take advantage of them, the Bears offense will be able to keep the 49ers in balance.

Prediction: win 49 times at 23-20

Expect the Chicago Bears to play a smarter role than they have in years past. They will also have tons of energy. Ultimately, it will be Kyle Shanahan’s offensive magic and stacked defense that lead San Francisco to a tough win. The Bears defense will struggle to stop the run, and Lance throws enough to get past him. Justin Fields He will do his best, but the constant pressure will not allow him to do more than shove or be content with short, fast passes. However, there will be signs that this team will not be as easy as many expect.

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