Chiefs’ Chris Jones says the defensive line plays with a new urgency

When Kansas City’s new defensive line coach Joe Cullen spoke to the media in June during organized team activities (OTAs), he bragged that he Expect a career season with defensive tackle Chris Jones.

In his own media notes ahead of Wednesday’s practice, Jones declined to make such bold predictions, but it was clear that Colin – combined with major lunge boosts in passes – had a positive effect on his room.

“I think Joe Cullen has gained another sense of urgency from the D line,” he claimed. “We were able to bring in a few guys to give it a bit more depth. Carlos Dunlap, a few other guys, and we drafted our first manager – George Karlavtes.

“I suspect [Cullen’s] Behaviour, it’s like a domino effect on all of us. This sense of urgency. I think we’ll keep building, keep laying that foundation all the time – and make sure he shows up on match day.”

Jones expressed his happiness with his new teammates. He continued with the more team-oriented approach he had shown since training camp, however, he refused to speculate how their presence could benefit his own stats. He was also bullish on the strong performance of Frank Clarke returning to EDGE, who appeared to be in better shape (And in a better place in general) during the training camp.

I think it will help the defense a lot. Carlos is a proven man in this league. George Karlavtis – I ran the college bar, he has a drive like no other. And Frank Clark – look at his playoff record. It speaks for itself. Having all these guys here [and] In good health, I think this is essential to our line of defence.”

Jones also shared some tips he gave Karlavtes before his first regular season game. He pointed out that the nervousness felt by the novice is likely not a one-time condition.

“I’d say to George, ‘I still get butterflies on my first game of the year. “You’re a little nervous, you’re excited. I’m still worried. It’s OK. You should have it.” [It’s] His first primetime game – his first major league game from college. Let everything – let your emotions show. ”

Far from the new faces in the defensive line room, the Chiefs replaced many key players during the defense. Jones believes that the adjustments made in camp will benefit the team when the season begins.

“Our chemistry as a defensive line as a whole – our chemistry in defense,” was cited as reason to expect defensive improvement. “We have a lot of new guys, which forces us to talk more. It forces us to be more proactive. It forces us to get to know our teammates better. I think as a defence, we will be better overall.”

David Wallace/Republic via Imagine Content Services, LLC

Communication will be key in Sunday’s game with the Arizona Cardinals — with the running ability of quarterback Keeler Murray. Jones is aware of the challenge, realizing that a double-threat quarterback like Murray cannot be imitated in practice.

“We have to find a way to contain it,” Jones admitted. “We don’t have anyone as fast or dynamic as Kyler Murray that we can put into a midfield position in practice.”

He’s ready for his entire unit to be in for a long day versus the first overall pick for the 2019 NFL Draft.

“It will take all four players in the line of defense – and maybe sometimes five,” Jones predicted. “Just making sure everyone doesn’t relent. If you’re tired, get out, have a sip of water, and we’ll get on with this thing. I think it’s essential that we all hook our ears and fly toward the ball.”

Jones is entering his seventh season. During his time with the team, the Chiefs never lost a season opener. He credits coach Andy Reed’s thorough preparation for how well the team has performed out of the gate in recent years.

“It’s all about preparing with Andy,” he explained. “Year after year. The boot camp is very difficult. I think that translates to game week. The way he prepares [us] Being physical when the season approaches is beneficial for us as a team.”