Chris Sims would like to silence Galen Hurts

In the past, Chris Sims has been critical, some would say overly critical, in analyzing Galen Hurts’ game. Prior to last year, he was an NBC Sports analyst and former NFL quarterback Not even the Eagles player was included in QB .’s Top 40 Players listwhich he later admitted his mistake.

In May, prior to this season, Simms Hurts ranked 25th on his Top 40 list.

“I was wrong last year (by not rating Hertz), I think it’s fair to say,” Sims said. “He was one of those few guys that got off my list. I had questions about him, about how the 2020 season ended. I wasn’t sure he could do it. He proved to me that he could do it. There are a few things the Eagles see about the Hurts. Where she goes, ‘I love that this guy is the midfielder in the beginning.’ His leadership and the influence of his personality on the football team is real. He has a presence on the field. He is presence behind the microphone. He gives the team confidence. He’s consistent in his profession, he’s humble, and I love that about Galen Hurts. We know he can stretch plays and do things with his legs. That’s definitely there.

“The throw is below average in an NFL quarterback. That’s the important thing here. In the pocket, it’s very good. I need to see more. Early in the year they tried to play through a quarterback, and they weren’t very good. Very. Then they said they couldn’t play that way.”

That was in May.

Last week on a conference call with NBC Sunday Night Football The broadcast crew, Sims openly admitted he loves the Eagles’ roster, their improvements and considers them a factor in NFC.

Said Sims, ex-son New York GiantsQuarterback Phil Sims. “That’s on paper. Oh streak, I think it’s arguably one of the best streaks in the game. Their D streak, they have a lot of big suckers out there they can do a lot of good things. They improved the quarterback with Haason Reddick. Secondary already had Darius Sly, They brought in James Bradbury and Chauncey Gardner Johnson, two receivers, a couple with offensive line and running game, Jalen Hurts’ running ability, and a one-on-one play with DeVonta Smith and AJ Brown means good night.

“Jalen Hurts is getting better every year. We’ll just have to keep seeing when they get into those games, like the playoff against (Tampa Bay) Bucks, when the running game is disqualified, can he do some throws that we see some of the top-tier quarterback make? ?I love his driving.I love his ability to play outside the schedule.He’s not a person affected by outside noise.I really think Nick Siriani and the coaching staff there deserve a lot of credit for what they’ve done.

“That’s why I’m kind of excited that the Eagles are a team to watch out for.”

What are the areas in which pain can improve?

“He’s a great deep ball thrower and he takes care of the ball,” Sims said. “The important thing for me is tight window throws, tight coverage when the running game isn’t working well. In third and eighth, can he hit the goal point consistently between the linebackers and safety, can he hit the hit zone? It’s way out from 20 yards, When they take the running game away, can he spin it there and shoot it into the wind, as he did in Tampa, and throw the ball on the money, on the target? It’s that.

“From what I’ve seen in pre-season, and in some training, it has improved. It’s a factor. That’s for sure, I know. It’s just the last piece of the puzzle. I hope he can make it and people like me, who have been skeptical about this aspect, may shut up.” who played it.”

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