Column: There’s no need to be scared after that… bucks won!

ICYMI, No. 2 Ohio State She defeated Notre Dame No. 5 by two numbers on Saturday. Or, in case you see that, and yet you feel a little worried about some parts of the team, I’m here to calm you down and tell you not to worry.

There are many reasons to be encouraged by this win, so here are a few of them.

Most important: Ohio State won!

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Lots of people acted like the Buckeyes who opened the season with a loss. Not only did they win, but they defeated a top-five team by more than one point. I think Notre Dame has been underestimated a lot (me included), so this may be why some were disappointed with the game.

Plus, it’s tempting to compare Ohio State’s results to other top 10 programs. However, it is important to note that No. 1 Alabama played Utah State, No. 8 TTUN played Colorado State, No. 9 Oklahoma played UTEP and No. 7 Utah LOST to Florida. So, there are three automatic explosions there, followed by a loss! The Buckeyes had a really tough opponent, especially in the first week.

You gotta take credit for where he deserves it – Marcus Freeman has got his squad back together. Their defensive game plan worked very well, keeping Stroud & Co. Under control for the majority of the game. Additionally, quarterback Tyler Buchner has shown flashes of potential. However, in the end, the Buckeyes are simply more talented, which is why they get more points.

How about this defense?

College Football: September 03 Notre Dame in Ohio

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You can say that the defense has improved significantly from last season! They limited the Irish to just 10 points in the entire game. In fact, in the second half alone, Buchner only passed twice, and the run sped up for 23 yards and they had to chase into each of their last six possessions.

While there were some nerve-wracking moments in the first half, including the first match of the match, the defense pulled their crap together during the critical time – the second half. They held the ND to 76 fast yards in 30 attempts overall, which is very encouraging considering how poor the running defense was last season.

Silver bullets seemed confident and powerful there. There were contributions from everyone. Was expected of Tommy Eikenburg (maybe not quite as good as his!), but what about Mike Hall? Four processors, two TFLs and a bag? Not bad for a sophomore in defensive intervention. The best part about all of this is that it was only the first game, and Jim Knowles admitted it was a basic game plan, meaning it’s only going to get better!

Receivers had pretty much zero experience, no JSN…

Notre Dame vs Ohio State

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I have to admit, once Jackson Smith-Nigegba got hit, I was nervous. It’s Stroud’s first (well, technically second) match without Chris Olaf and Garrett Wilson, and now JS is out too? This new roster of receivers had very little experience with the game, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. However, I should have known that I never doubted the essence of receiving Buckeyes!

I was expecting Marvin Harrison Jr. to step in. In the role of WR1 with JSN out, but Emeka Egbuka really proved what he’s all about. He finished with nine receptions for 90 yards and one touchdown. That was his standout game as Buckeye, but MH2 still performed well too – we all know what he’s capable of.

However, man I’ve never heard of, Xavier Johnson, BALLED OUT! While he only had two receptions for 34 yards, one was the TD go-ahead in the third quarter. I didn’t know who Number 10 was until that very moment, but it proves how deep the WR room is, which is very encouraging. Cady Stover and Jaden Ballard played well.

I hope that if you were on the fence about how you were feeling after the match, this might have brought you to the greener side. There is a lot to be optimistic about, between the defense, the running match and Xavier Johnson – I can go on. If you thought the crime sounded a bit shaky, it probably did. This was Stroud’s first match with all new receivers, and it was against a top five defense. You will only get better.

The best thing about being 1-0…