Cowboy News: Sean Payton chooses a cowboy to beat the pirates

Sean Payton Picks Cowboys to Beat Bucs – Author,

Former Saints coach Sean Payton will side with the Cowboys on Sunday.

Payton not only picked the Saints to win the NFC South title, but he believes the Bucs will lose in Dallas on Sunday night.

Payton seems very impressed with Dan Quinn’s development of the Cowboys’ defense and how tough Quinn’s defense is. Keep in mind that Brady broke up Quinn’s defense in Atlanta during the Super Bowl of the 2016 season, and then a season later Brady walked to Atlanta and had a 23-0 lead early in the fourth quarter against the Hawks. And of course, Brady didn’t have big issues with the Dallas defense under Quinn last season.

Payton said, looking at the Bucs facing Dallas, New Orleans and Packers At the beginning of the season.

Cowboys can reunite with the former playmaker, says analyst – DJ Siddiqui,

With receiver depth in short supply, the Cowboys remain a favorite to be reunited with the former Cole Beasley wide receiver.

According to a list made by him Bleacher Report Christopher Knox, the Cowboys’ “best free agent choice” remaining is none other than former wide receiver Cole Beasley. Dallas is currently short on viable veteran receivers, with CeeDee Lamb being the only healthy playmaker to get a touchdown pass from Dak Prescott.

Knox argues that the Cowboys’ injury lineup – Michael Gallup remained on the sidelines and James Washington off the field until October – could make his reunion with Paisley look very attractive.

“The Cowboys split up for Amary Cooper and Cedric Wilson Jr. this off season,” Knox said. Michael Gallup is still working again from a torn ACL, rookie Galen Tolbert, plus free agent James Washington (foot) is in the injured reserve.

Dallas could use an experienced passer to bolster his reception room, and former Cowboy Cole Beasley fit the bill. He previously spent three seasons with quarterback Dak Prescott and can play both indoors and out – much like Gallup.”

Dallas Cowboys fans may not sit back in footage of Jason Peters slamming ‘trolley’ well – Matt Baldwin,

Jason Peters, former Philadelphia Eagle and now Cowboy, had some picks for the Cowboys in 2018.

A clip etched on social media by Pro Football Talk shows Peters back in his days at the Eagles in 2018 talking about the Cowboys and more importantly their fans after their resurgence in 2016.

Now whether these are his “real” feelings or if he was just trying to calm the Eagles crowd and play into the competition, we may never know, but it will be interesting to see if Cowboys fans are willing to forgive him for what he said.

Coach Dan Quinn in the Dallas Cowboys fastest defense; Enough to stop Tom Brady, Boss? – Zach Demet,

Dan Quinn, the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator, praised the Cowboys’ defense as the “fastest” and “longest” group he’s coached.

It takes speed — both mentally and physically — to lead the league with 34 tips, six defensive hits, and 26 interceptions.

And in his first year with Dallas Cowboys Last season, that’s what coordinator Dan Quinn was able to orchestrate. This was the first time in the team’s history Cowboys He led the league in the takeaway/giveaway ratio, and is a top five most recently scored in 1998.

Now, Cowen does not hesitate when installing a file Elite speed and size of this defense against any unit He saw it or was around.

“He’s probably one of the fastest and tallest players in terms of safety, midfield players of that kind of size and that kind of height,” he said. This is a group I would have had with anyone in regards to the speed of going to play.”

Colin Cord Breaks Down How Jerry Jones Turned Dallas Cowboys Into Raiders – Cass Anderson,

Colin Cord compares the Cowboys to the Conquerors and Jerry Jones to Al Davis.

“I think the[Dallas]Cowboys turn into raiders when the Davis gets older. The Davis and Jerry Jones are very similar.

They are mavericks, dissenters, street fighters, visionaries, and then you start to turn into your seventies and start to believe your journalism. And you’re not fast cognitively. And I think Jerry has made multiple mistakes in the past several years, things he said he had to undo.

And I thought at the end of the Al Davis era, he was really romantic… He really lived in the rearview mirror… and I feel a lot that way the way Jerry Jones deals with Zeke. It’s like it’s a retrograde league… as if you want running backwards to be your biggest hit.

And I’m looking at Dallas now and I think they’re dangerously close to becoming the last ten years of the Davis Raiders. I think what saves them is that the department is really bad. But I thought Philadelphia had a really good off-season performance.”

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