Darvin Hamm says Lakers goalkeeper Kendrick Noun looks ‘cool’ in training

On Tuesday, it was Patrick Beverly formally introduced as a member of Los Angeles Lakers next Trade Tallinn Horton Tucker It was reported nearly two weeks ago.

But After Beverly finished speakingDarvin Hamm took some time to chat with the media, with one question coming his way about the idea that Beverly and Westbrook could start together. Hamm stressed that the backcourt could work – with the caveat “if they play defensive” – ​​while also noting that the team has plenty of talented goalkeepers, while hinting that they all have a chance to compete for any of the roles they want.

The first and most discussed goalkeeper Hamm mentioned was Kendrick Noone, praising the way he looked at the Lakers facility recently.

“Again, I just watched Kendrick Nunn do a great workout…and (he) It was Getting great exercises since last month. Austin Reeves… I mean we have a lot of options in this position… Lonnie Walker, who we just picked from San Antonio. All Lakers fans should be excited, man. I think we will have a young, fast and hungry football club alongside these veterans who are still playing at a very high level. It’s going to be fun, competing for those jobs.”

Considering Nunn’s last season saw him miss all 82 matches due to a bone bruise in his knee, a member of the media immediately wanted to follow up on him and how he’s doing. Ham replied:

“He looked great. He’s just there doing solo exercises, and he’s going crazy in the weightlifting room. We did some solos, but he looked great. He looked great. And he’s like a breath of fresh air from him too. We’re going to have a very good team.”

This certainly isn’t the first Nunn update we’ve heard about this off-season. in late July, He indicated that he feels “100%”.. Only a few days after that, Jovan Poha the athlete sign to Nunn has not participated in any 5-on-5 quarrels/drillsAlarms sound throughout the Lakers fanbase.

An important emphasis on “single workouts” might mean that Noun is not yet involved in a 5 on 5 movement, but again, that might not mean much. Nunn, Reaves and other Lakers were seen training in Lakers facilities recently through social media, where it was usual that squabbles didn’t actually happen at this time yet before training camp.

But put Hamm’s promising quotes aside – and considering the way last season went for Noon, they are very Promising – The best case of Nunn being ready to go comes from the man himself. In a tweet, Noon addressed a rumor that the condensation process was going slower than expected.

If there was any sort of concern about his knee, even the slightest bit of doubt, I don’t think Nunn would do his best to send out the above tweet after losing it all last season.

The kind of ranger position bootcamp competition that Hamm outlined is very interesting, as he may have inadvertently revealed a problem with roster building while praising the group. The predicament for the players in this position would be exactly the kind of predicament the roster faced last season (among the list of pitfalls), though it’s possible that Nunn could start and/or get big playing time if, well.. Ross goes.

But who knows, Noon might look better than he did when the Lakers signed him for a mid-level exception in 2021. If that’s true, Noon could provide a more balanced mix of offensive and defensive talent from Westbrook, Beverly, or any of the Lakers’ guards could. Others provide it, it will almost certainly be an important part of this list if they are to achieve any success.

You know, as long as he can actually play.

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