Deadlines and commitments – future days from the previous version

Finally (we think), the Nets list is set for just about everyone and just about everyone in the camp.

Markiv Morris formally signed his contract on Wednesday morning while sweating at the HSS Training Center so he’s ready to go…

Other than Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, each of the 17 contracted nets have been seen on the training grounds at some point this summer.

Utah Watanabe also made his debut Wednesday…

David Duke Jr., whose contract status was precarious — two-way, record deal, or even a 10 bid — was also around. Meanwhile, Patti Mills, who spent time at HSS earlier in the off-season, is in Australia. I discovered a tour.

Labor Day is usually the unofficial deadline for players to return to the gym, meet old and new teammates, old and new coaches, and so on. There will be squabbles as things head towards the unofficial opening of the bootcamp with Information Day on September 26 and the official opening the following day.

It’s no surprise (or any concern) that KD and Kyrie have yet to see. They have more obligations than most. Durant was recently seen in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the last stop of his itinerant – and eventful – summer. Dropped by the TCI Sports Commission…

Well let’s go…

1 – 18 September – FIBA ​​Eurobasket 2022 – Nets stash Nikola Milutinov is part of the Serbian national team.

September 26 Media Networking Day.

September 27 Opening of the NBA training camps.

September 28 The tenth anniversary of the opening of the Barclays Center. Nothing is planned for the ring yet.

September 29 Kevin Durant will be 34 years old. happy Birthday.

October 1 Kevin Durant receives the second installment of his $10.7 million salary. Ben Simmons receives $8.8 million in salary payments.

– October 3 – Pre-season nets at Barclays Center vs. 76ersAnd the

6 October Hosts the Nets Heat at Barclays Center in a pre-season game.

6 October Seiko Dombuya’s $1.3 million player exclusion period expires, one year after Dombuya’s trade with Indiana.

October 12 The Nets travel to Milwaukee to play the Bucks in their pre-season game.

October 14 The Nets travel to Minneapolis to play Timberwolves in their pre-season game.

October 15 10th Anniversary of the Nets’ first game at the Barclays Center, Pre-Season Tournament against the Wizards

October 18 Edmond Sumner’s contract is guaranteed to be $500,000 if he submits a nightly opening roster. He originally earned $250,000 upon signing in July.

October 19 The nets are open for the 2022-23 regular season versus the Pelicans at Barclays Center

October 22 – G draft league.

October 24 * – G League Training Camps are open.

October 31 – Team Options on a third-year contract for Cam Thomas and Daeron Sharp.

November 3 The tenth anniversary of the first NBA game of the regular season at the Barclays Center, and Brooklyn’s victory over Toronto.

November 4 – G League opening night with premiere cup matches. Long Island Nets College Park Skyhawks, a subsidiary of the Hawks, encounters on the road.

November 9 – first window –nicks Barclays Center game.

November 13 – The Long Island Nets open on the opening night of the Nassau Coliseum opposite the Maine Celtics.

November 22 Ben Simmons returns to Philadelphia.

November 25 TJ Warren and Edmond Sumner return to Indiana.

December 3 – Shebak hosts the Eastern Conference Championship Boston Celtics.

December 15 Deadline for NBA owners and players to decide whether to open CBA negotiations immediately or wait a year. Either side can sign up.

December 15 – The first day that TJ Warren, Edmond Sumner, Patty Mills, Kessler Edwards (off-season) and Royce O’Neill (trade) can be traded.

December 21 The Nets host the NBA champion Golden State Warriors.

December 27 – Long Island Nets regular season unlocks.

January 5 – Teams can sign deals for 10 days assuming they have a standing space. These deals are extended for 10 days again.

January 7 – All partial and unsecured contracts are extended for a full season unless the player is waived.

January 10 The MLE for Nets taxpayers becomes proportionately divided. Prior to this date, the Nets could sign a player for the full $6.5 million.

January 15 – Day 1 Nic Claxton can be traded. He is behind on other off-season signings because he re-signed with the Nets, his former team, in the off-season and earned a raise of at least 20 per cent.

January 20 Two-way NBA contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season. This will affect Edmund Sumner.

January 30 Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James play the Nets at Barclays Center.

February 10 The $2.5 million Trader’s Player Exception created by the James Harden deal has expired. TPE was $11.3 million but the Nets used most of it in trade for Royce O’Neill.

February 11 James Harden returns to Barclays with 76 players.

February 13 – The first Nets-Knicks game in Madison Square Garden,

February 10 – Nets trader’s $1.7 million player exception resulting from Paul Millsap’s item in 76ers Trade expiration.

February 17-19 – NBA All-Star Weekend 2023 (Salt Lake City, Utah).

February 23 *NBA Trading Deadline3:00 p.m. Eastern time.

March 19 Bruce Brown returns to Brooklyn with Denver Nuggets.

March 22 Ramadan begins in the United States, observant Muslims like Keri Irving participate in the dawn-to-dusk fast.

March 25 Long Island Nets wrap up their G League season in the Rio Grande Valley.

April 4 – Michael Grady returns to Brooklyn with Minnesota Timberwolves.

April 9 The regular season ends with 76 players facing the Nets at Barclays Center

April 11-14 NBA Play-In Championship

-15 April – Starting from NBA playoffs

April 20 Ramadan ends.