Denver Broncos Start M, Sit M: Week One against the Seattle Seahawks

The first week of the NFL season is here which means it fantasy football Ready to go as well. We hope you finished your drafts and went out with a couple Denver Broncos players on your team. If so, I will give you weekly advice on which Broncos you should start or sit during your fantasy match in the coming weeks.

This week, the editorial Broncos vs. Seahawks He who probably prefers the Broncos. However, playing in Seattle is never easy and this is a game of revenge for both sides. So, it can be difficult to drop because of that.

So, let me give you a head start, and sit down with the relevant Denver Broncos fictional players for the first week of the 2022 regular season.

Quarterback Russell Wilson – Start

Two of the three Seattle players who started their first week are rookies playing in their first game of the regular season. Veteran Sidney Jones is their CB1 while rookies Tariq Wolin and Kobe Bryant are the number two and corner slots. I expect the Broncos will target these two rookies early and often during the game and they should be successful.

Also, let’s add the human element to it. Russell Wilson had a breakout in Seattle and was traded away over the holiday season in a historic trade. Now, in the first week, in his first game with the Broncos, he will return to Seattle and play for his old team. That’s basically a Hollywood script out there. Wilson has a lot of motivation already, but that extra motivation should feed him to put a pretty big statistical streak against his former team.

With that, there is a possibility that he will be disappointed in the world of fantasy. Seattle probably won’t put up a lot of points, so the chances of scoring could be low. Also, the Broncos offense had some growing pains early on. We need to see if those move into the first week of the regular season. Finally, it’s a Broncos running game. We could see Jafonte Williams and Melvin Gordon get touches of the red area and results that would limit Wilson’s scoring.

Running Back Jafonte Williams – Start With Care

The Broncos running backwards has been dubbed a potential fantasy star this season, but an insider is pumping the brakes on that. Benjamin Albright, who is around the team and inside the building, says we can see a 55-45 split between Williams and veteran Melvin Gordon.

If that’s the case, the fancy value of Jafonte drops a bit. He is still likely to be successful and well on the court, but his upward trend in the imagination is limited. Especially with Melvin Gordon getting some red-zone work. He’s had a total of 17 touchdowns in the past two seasons together. Therefore, he could steal some scoring chances from Jafonte.

However, we didn’t see either the pitch or how Nathaniel Hackett would split the carriers. Therefore, it is a risky start and can thrive and be a one week winner for you or a complete failure for you.

Wide Reception Cortland Sutton / Jerry Judy – Start

Sutton was Wilson’s number one target throughout camp and that should continue into the first week. He will face Veteran Sidney Jones and this is a battle he should win most of the time. I look for Wilson to target Sutton deeply often and I think he can go 100 yards and get the score. Honestly, you should start every week.

As for Jodi, I’ll start him off on this too. He will encounter a novice in his prime and must achieve success early and often. Jody is a tough cover for the best in the NFL, so I think we’ll see his elite road running skills on display in this game. It has the ability to create after catch too, so it should be a high start for you this week.

Tight end, Albert Okwijpunam – Sit If You Can

The Broncos’ tight end was beloved in fantasy circles. The Broncos traded Noah Fant who raised Okwuegbunam in the starting role. However, the interesting pre-season use that has him playing a decent amount of football may some question his specific role.

The important thing with Albert O. It is banned. He’s not very good at it and that could lead to him taking him off the field in certain situations. We saw that in pre-season. However, it is a big mathematical goal and should be a mismatch problem.

For me, I want to wait a week or two and see how it is used in this crime. Will it split wider? Or shots will be split with Broncos blocking specialists. It is a precarious start with the qualities of a major boom/depression.

Broncos D / ST – start with confidence

The Broncos defense could be the start of the week from this group. They face Gnu Smith and the Seahawks’ offense who must struggle to score points this season. You have two starting strides at the start and an offensive streak that hasn’t been so great lately. I expect the Broncos’ passing rush to get to Smith early and often.

The Seahawks have solid weapons in DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett but the secondary Broncos looks solid. Pat Sertin II is likely to shadow Metcalfe while veteran Ronald Darby will be on Lockett.

I think we could see multiple turnovers and a lot of sacks by the Broncos defense so it’s a solid start for me.

Other notable players

  • Running Back Melvin Gordon: He’s an RB2 in Denver, but as I mentioned above, he’s still involved in crime. How much is left to see until it’s a risky fantasy play. I’d be comfortable playing it as a landing-based FLEX but nothing more.
  • KJ Hamler wide receiver: He missed most of the off-season but played some in the pre-season final. How early it is used remains to be seen. It’s a risky FLEX game at best, but it has to be stocked up on the bench until we see how much he’s playing and how effective he is.
  • Brandon McManus kicker: He was 7 vs 7 in pre-season and seems like a safe play in fiction. If Bronco’s offense is a high-scoring one, he should have plenty of chances to give your team points. So, I’m going to start it and feel good about it, even on the road in a tough environment.