Detroit Lions 2022 season preview: Predict the most offensive player

It’s Official Game Week for Detroit LionsWhich means our long wait is almost over. The second year of Dan Campbell’s era was one of the most anticipated seasons of football for the Detroit Lions at some point, and the excitement in the city is palpable.

Today, we’re kicking off our week-long preview series. In it, our employees will make predictions for the season of black and, at the same time, ask a question to the reading public.

We start with a topic that many lion fans are feeling optimistic about: the attack. With a strong offensive line in place, a spacious refurbished reception room, and a young man running back, there are plenty of reasons to believe this offense could have a full year in 2022. But who will be its face?

The first prediction for our series is: Who will be the best Lions player in 2022?

Here are our answers:

John Whitaker: Benny Sewell

The Lions have a talented attacking line – I think Frank Ragno is the best player in attack – but I gave Sewell the nod for his talent and positional value. If Black loses Sewell, Matt Nelson suddenly starts and the offense can easily collapse. Taylor Decker is also important, but I think this is the year Sewell enters the conversation for the best tackle in the league.

Chris Perfect: Amon-Ra St. brouwn

Receptions are a king, and Saint Brown is a god, and the gods rule the kings of the earth. In his rookie year, Saint Brown has established himself as a surefire, dependable, reliable, and open-ended gun. While the receiving company for the Detroit lions has improved and diversified, and the team anticipates creating the race (ah yeah, that eternal ride!), expect the St. Brown to remain a machine for first touchdown, red zone action and landings. If this isn’t the best player to come at the right time, what is?

Eric Shalit: Amon Ra Bani Street

St. Brown’s work ethic is unparalleled and his chemistry with Jared Goff has carried over from last season. Despite the Lions’ upgrades in offensive arms, offensive coordinator Ben Johnson was creative in getting the ball into St. Brown’s hands this fall. As the rules of the game expand, so should Saint Brown’s chances, and I still believe that when it matters, Saint Brown will be the one to turn to.

Mike Payton: Jared Goff

This will be the year of Jared Goff. It should be basically. Not because he got one foot on the chopping block due to being out on his contract after the 2022 season, but because he’s full of guns and offensive strategy is built around him. Gauff should have the best year of his career because of these factors. Get used to seeing hollow with lions.

Jerry Mallory: Dandrey Swift

From running coach Duce Staly to fantasy football Experts and everyone in between, expectations are high for Swift entering its third year. It’s a double threat again Who set his sights 1000 yards in the air and on the ground. His top-tier offensive line will also have something to say on the way to a huge year for Swift.

Hamza Bakush: Amon Ra Brown Street

He must be Saint Brown, simply because of the multiple dimensions he brings as a player. St. Brown’s proved effective in everything from road runs to indoor deliveries last year – one of the few players in the league to replicate what Debo Samuels is doing in San Francisco. That forces defenses to account for Saint Brown in a way that very few players can do, and things should open up dramatically for the rest of the attack for the remainder of the season. While Saint Brown has had a statistically impressive rookie season, I fully expect his impact to go beyond the box this season.

Ryan Matthews: Amon Ra Saint Brown

The Lions’ Player of the Year in 2022 will be Saint Brown, having achieved a year of his career at the helm of a very encouraging rookie season. If St.

Morgan Cannon: Amon Ra Saint Brown

You can prove a position to a few players here, but going with The Sun God seems to be the most sensible option. With more guns around, it should allow him to pick up where he left off in 2021, even if that means fewer goals in the long run. Based on what we saw instrong blows“I doubt Saint Brown is the one resting on his laurels.

Jeremy Raisman: Andre Swift

While I wonder if Swift will reach his true potential, I can’t get rid of Duce Staley’s words in “Hard Knocks.”

“Boy is special. And every day we go out between these lines, he has to believe it. And I do my best to get this bullshit out of him. No attempt, I’m going to get it out of him. Because it can be so special. I’ve been around some guys who have been in space – Special people – he’s got it.”

This isn’t Staley speaking directly to Swift. He says what he really believes to coaches behind closed doors. By all indications, the rest of the team feels the same, so he will have every opportunity to prove himself as the basis for this crime.


Who will be the best player in the Lions team in 2022?

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    Amon-Ra Saint Brown

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    Dandrey Swift

    (239 votes)

  • 4%

    TJ Hawkinson

    (45 votes)

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