Detroit Lions injury report Wake 1: Tommy Kramer misses and Evato Milifuno returns on Wednesday

The Detroit Lions They released their first injury report of the 2022 season on Wednesday, and while two of the previous third-round picks returned to training, they also suffered an injury along the offensive line that prompted the team to explore creative replacement options.

Before we get into injuries on the active list, let’s reset where the team is with its reserve players and when they are eligible to return to play.

Reserve Lists

  • RG Halapoulivaati Vaitai (reverse): injured reserve, eligible to return in week 5
  • WR Jameson Williams (ACL): Non-Food Eligible for Week 5 Return
  • FB Jason Cabinda (Ankle): PUP, eligible to return in Week 5
  • EDGE Romeo Okwara (Achilles): PUP, eligible to return in Week 5
  • EDGE Josh Paschal (athletic hernia): PUP, eligible for return at week 5
  • CB Jerry Jacobs (ACL): PUP, eligible to return in Week 5

Williams, Cabinda, Okwara, Paschal and Jacobs were on their reserve list throughout training camp and will miss at least the first four weeks, with some players not expected to return until mid-season.

They said it was Put on injured reserve on Monday But he still falls under the same schedule as the other reserve players because he was put there before the first week.

“Yeah, it was noon, and it was something that I think bothered him in Pittsburgh, and once we checked it out, we felt like we needed to sit down with it,” coach Dan Campbell said of Faytay on Wednesday. . “So we know he’s at least four (matches) behind and we’ll take him week by week and see how he does.”

Campbell said that the black Explore several options on how to fill the vacated starting guard rolebut one of those options may already be in jeopardy, as internal reserve line worker Tommy Kramer missed training on Wednesday.

no exercise

  • IOL Tommy Kraemer (reverse)
  • DL Levi Onwuzurike (Reverse)
  • Edge John Kominsky (illness)

“What I love about Tommy is that you know exactly what you’re going to get,” Campbell said. “We know exactly who the player is, and who he is. He is a consistent player, and he grew up during the spring and through the training camp. And so, he makes the most of what he has. He is very dependable, and he is smart.”

While Cramer has received shots in guard, center and tackle, he has always been the team’s second-right goalkeeper at training camp. With a three-game custodian start in 2021 under his belt, it seemed like a natural alternative option for Vaitai, but now it looks like the Lions may have to turn in another direction.

Onuzurik has been out of action for several weeks, after his back pain worsened during training camp. The The last update on his status came last week When Campbell said things are progressing slowly and he is unlikely to go back in time for the first week.

“It’s going in the right direction,” Campbell said, “but snail speed is the best way to say it.” “He does whatever we ask him to do, he’s getting better, but I don’t know. I’d say this, if you ask me now, you’re twisting my arm, and saying he’s not available to Philly, that’s me, but we’ll see.”

Kominsky took his chance to earn a spot on the camp roster – with Romeo Okwara and Pascal in the Reserves/PPP – and settled into a role supporting Aidan Hutchinson. It is certainly possible that he did not last long due to illness.

Limited exercise

  • C. Frank Ragno (thigh)
  • EDGE Julian Okwara (hamstring)
  • Chris LB (knee) plank
  • S Ifeatu Melifonwu (hamstring)
  • K Austin Seibert (right thigh)

To make matters more complicated along the offensive line, starting the All Pro center, Frank Rajneau is dealing with a thigh injury. At this point, it’s not clear how limited Ragnow is to injury, but it’s never good to see The best player on the team In this injury report early in the year, especially when groin injuries persist. Evan Brown, who started 12 games at the Lions center last year, will replace Rajno, if necessary.

Julian Okwara He returned to training last week And with Cominsky up in the air, he may not have time to slowly re-acclimatise once more to game mode because the lions may need the depth of their swipe.

After not training for about a month, Milifuno was able to return to the training ground on Wednesday, and safety coach Brian Docker seemed encouraged by his ability to jump back into the mix.

“I feel good about the state of mind that is based on everything I saw in the boardroom,” Docker said.

Melifonwu has gone from corner to safety in this off-season, and while he was originally vying for a major reserve role, plenty of time has put him in catching up position.

“Missing delegates, this obviously slows down the transition (to safety) and makes it more difficult. But he was doing a really good job before he got injured. I expect him to pick up where he left off once he gets it back.”

Chris Board is a new addition to the list. While Board may not be in line with any defense shots – with Alex Anzalon, Derek Barnes and rookie Malcolm Rodriguez expected to lead the quarterback – he is a key player in the team’s squad unit.

Finally, Seibert is dealing with a groin injury, which could have a huge impact on his preparation on Sunday. Last year, Seibert had surgery on the adductors – a group of the inner thigh muscles – and missed the latter half of the season. If Seibert couldn’t go on Sunday, the Lions signed Aldrick Rosas into the coaching squad last week. Rosas appeared in one game with Detroit last year, taking both kicks; Extra point and field goal 44 yards.

full practice

  • No injured players are listed

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