Detroit Lions Week One Exploration Report: Philadelphia Eagles’ major strengths, weaknesses, and injuries

The Detroit Lions Unlock their schedule with one of the most exciting teams of the season. The Philadelphia Eagles Not only did they finish last year strong, but faced a very aggressive season that suddenly raised expectations only in the second year under coach Nick Siriani.

But is that really guaranteed for a team that is still under a relatively new coaching staff and has a midfielder who still has many questions to answer? This is clearly a difficult question to answer before the season begins. However, let’s do our best to investigate the Lions’ opponent in week one, by breaking down the Vultures’ unofficial chapters, looking at their relative strengths and weaknesses, and seeing how the Lions match up.

It’s our Boy Scouts report for the first black week.

Philadelphia Eagles

Last season:

Record 9-8 (2nd in the NFC East) – Lost in the Wild Card Tour to pirate
Twelfth place in points, and 18th in points allowed
Overall DVOA: 15 (11 in attack, 25 hours in defense)

The Eagles season 2021 was all about growing. Early on, the team was a bit lost, not knowing what he was, nor his future midfielder. They started the year 2-5, and fans were already calling out the GM – although it may have been too soon for first-year coach Nick Siriani to get the ax.

But then – I want to say he was right about the week eight competition with the Detroit Lions – everything changed. The Eagles became a heavyweight team and bowed to Galen Hurts’ athletics. Crime was on fire, and Philadelphia finished the season with a 7-3 lead in their last 10 games.

They may have had an early exit in the playoffs, but they entered the 2022 season with a lot of optimism about the team’s future.

2021 offseason

The main free proxy add-ons: WR Zach Paschal, EDGE Haason Reddick, LB Kyzir White, CB James Bradberry
Main losses: DT Ryan Kerrigan (retired) WR Jalen Reagor (trading) G Brandon Brooks (retired)
Commercial add-ons: WRAJ Brown, DB Chauncey Gardner Johnson

2020 NFL Project Anthology:

First round: DT Jordan Davis
Round Two: C Cam Jurgens
Third round: LP Nakobi Din
Round 6: Edge Kieron Johnson
Round Six: TE Grant Calcaterra

Despite limited cover space, the Eagles have been quite aggressive this season, finding creative ways to add weapons—such as trading the first- and third-round pick for Titans receivers AJ Brown or Gardner-Johnson’s pick and 2025 in the seventh-round pick only the fifth and six-round pick.

Brown grabbed most of the headlines for the Eagles. Pairing him with the youngster, former debutante DeVonta Smith, gives Philly a new dimension beyond just being a heavyweight running team.

However, Philly’s offseason focus was clearly on defense — and for good reason. They upgraded the defensive line – which produced the second-lowest number of sacks last year – with the addition of Riddick and Davis. They found two full-back contributors by signing Kyzir White and drafting Nakobe Dean in the third round. Their high school got new starters by signing Bradberry and trading with Gardner-Johnson.

In short, they added novice players at almost every level of this team, especially in defense.

Major injuries: Jason Kelsey (elbow), RB Miles Sanders (hamstring)

The Eagles don’t have any starters on any reserve roster. Andre Dillard, the team’s reserve left tackle, is on IR, though, after breaking his arm during training last week.

But vultures are generally healthy. Center Jason Kelsey returned to training last week after having elbow surgery in early August.

Sanders also missed a large part of training camp, but his return to training last week also suggests he should play in the opening game.

Biggest Strength: Running Game

As much as the Eagles have tried to improve their passing game in the off-season, their quick attack remains their true identity. Last year, the Eagles finished first in yards per game dash (159.7), fourth in yards per carry (4.9), first in dash (25), and third in DVOA.

I probably don’t have to remind you of any of this, because the Eagles ran 236 fast yards and four touchdowns against the Lions last year.

Nothing has really changed from the Eagles personnel point of view, with only the right guard being a new position on the offensive line. Philly’s stable of racing debuts continues to be impressive with Miles Sanders and sophomore Kenneth Jenwell leading the way. Jordan Howard mercifully passed away.

Biggest weakness: pass rush

It’s hard to pinpoint a weakness in the Eagles’ defense given the amount of personnel changes, but I’m still skeptical about their passing dash.

One of the main reasons they struggled last year was because Brandon Graham suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon in the second week. Graham is back this year, but Lions fans are aware of the intense rehab needed to get back on your feet again after an injury like this. At 34, who knows what Graham will look like in his first job since the injury?

Of course, there is no denying the talent of Hasson Riddick. He’s held over 11 consecutive seasons – and two different teams. He would also benefit from having two strong indoor presences in All-Pro Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave.

So… yeah, it doesn’t really seem like much of a weakness when you put it that way.

I think you could make an argument that quarterback Galen Hurts is the Eagles’ biggest weakness, with the jury still out on it – especially as a pass. Hurts completed just 61.3 percent of his passes last year, but he made up for it with his legs.

Vegas streak for Sunday: Eagles 4