Eagles-Lions game preview: 5 questions and answers with the first week enemy

The Philadelphia Eagles They kick off their 2022 campaign with a road game against Detroit Lions At Ford Field on a Sunday afternoon. For a preview of this first week match, I reached out to our enemies at Pride of Detroit. magnanimity Mike Payton Kindly take the time to answer my questions about this upcoming fight. Let’s take a look at the answers. [For my answers to Mike’s questions about the Eagles, check out this link to POD.]

1) How far have the Lions improved from the team that the Eagles beat by 44-6 last year?

Many different things. The Lions are often a healthier team with their offensive line back together. Furthermore, the Lions have more help in their attack. Amon-Ra St. broke out. Brown in 2021, but weeks after the Eagles game, the Lions added DJ Chark and they now have Josh Reynolds. They should definitely be able to subtract more than six points this time.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Lions themselves might have a quick pass between Aidan Hutchinson and Charles Harris. Unfortunately there are still a lot of questions elsewhere.

2) What is the level of trust in Jared Goff now?

It’s the highest level since he arrived in Detroit. Hollow is well armed and has a great offensive line. If he can’t go out and have the best season of his career or close to it, we’ll know everything we need to know about Gauff. Perhaps the most important thing for Gauff is to regain his self-confidence. He lost it somewhere along the way with the rams and it certainly wasn’t there in his early days with the lions. I’ve seen it start coming back at the end of the season and it’s being shown more often throughout the camp. We’ll soon see if it translates into a real game when we release live rounds.

3) What is the greatest strength of lions? How should they attack vultures?

Now I have to say that the Lions’ biggest strength is their scrolling game. They should attack the other side of Darius Slay early and often and maybe try to take some deep shots as well. The Lions got very creative with their scrolling game in late 2021. Find the Lions to try and do a few different things there. I wouldn’t be shocked to see someone who isn’t usually a midfielder throw the ball.

4) What are the biggest weaknesses of lions? What should vultures look to exploit?

Eagles have to run the ball a lot. Galen Hurts should do exactly what he did last year and use his feet a lot. We’ve seen the Lions’ defense struggle to stop the run in their first warm-up game of the year and I’m sure they’ll face it again. Mobile quarterbacks are this team’s kryptonite. My only regret in life now is that I haven’t recruited any Eagles players who use their feet for success.

5) Who wins this game and why? with DraftKings Sportsbook List the Eagles as four favorites, what is your prediction for the score? And what are your expectations for the rest of this black season?

I’m a little more positive than the rest of my co-workers at Pride of Detroit. The lions increase their attack, getting Aidan Hutchinson and building their culture further had me imbibe all the help. I would have fooled myself if I hadn’t gone expecting the Lions to win this match. In the end, I think the Lions got out of the shooting and won this thing in a penalty shootout thing. Put me in a 27-24 Lions win.

As for the rest of the season, I was hopeful there, too. The Lions have arguably one of the easiest tables in the league on paper. I think they go 10-7 and secure the seventh and final seed in NFC.