Eagles News: Galen Hurts brings football to a new level of confidence

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Joe Burrow doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s close – MMQB
Over time, Avery said, Hurts has become more mobile and fluid in their movement, as a result of working smarter, not necessarily harder, in the weightlifting room. This opened the door for Hurts to a new world when it came to playing position – seeing the improvement in how he threw the ball then changed his mindset, giving him confidence, then again increasing accuracy, anticipation and presence. “So I agree that these aren’t usually things you can improve very much,” Avery continued. “I think it’s had some kind of a cascading effect. His accuracy has improved. He’s just become more consistent in how he throws the ball, so he has more confidence now, which allows him to play with a higher level of anticipation. He just feels like he can do throws. And maybe there were. He could have made throws before, but his confidence is so high that he plays with more anticipation because he throws the ball so early. “And I think that’s the biggest factor in all of this, the level of confidence I’ve never seen before with the way he throws football.”

Mailbag: The End of the Road for the Legend of the Eagles? – Leva (BGN)
However, I think Hurts will do even better this season. We’ve already seen him improve from his rookie year into his second; By all accounts in the training camp, he improved the weaknesses; And we know he has the work ethic and mindset to keep improving his game. I would be surprised if we didn’t say several times this season ‘Hurts wouldn’t have been doing this a year ago’. The frequency of how often he does things he wasn’t doing in 2021 in November and December will be the metric. If we didn’t really talk during the second half of the season about how good Hurts looked because he’s been doing it week after week and we’re used to it, the Eagles ceiling is pretty high. If we don’t talk about it because it didn’t really show that improvement, the Eagles are shopping for a QB with the six first and second round picks they have over the next two drafts. And if we’re talking about it because it does so inconsistently, the front office should ask themselves if they want to see what the fourth year of Jalen Hurts brings. Spoiler alert: They won’t.

AJ Brown’s mindset like vulture trading unites him with friend Jalen Hurts: “I’m ready to go to war for him’ – The Inquirer
“Galen is really strong,” Brown told The Inquirer earlier this week. “He’s a really good guy. We share the same morals and interests. Over time, we’ve kept in touch and connected. Keep growing. He’s been there for me and I’ve been there for him through some very difficult times. We care about each other. With us, it’s bigger.” From football. It’s family. This is my brother.”

NFL Team Preview 2022: Predictions, Fantasy Players, Depth Charts, Strength Rankings and More, Under the Picks – ESPN
The season will be successful if… the Eagles win the score and at least one playoff game. They have one of the best rosters in the NFL from top to bottom and are particularly strong along the offensive and defensive lines. The NFC East is very winnable – and even more so after the Cowboys hit the left tackle Tyron Smith – and the conference in general looks rather weak, if we’re being honest. A trip to the NFC title game is in hand assuming Hurts makes strides in his second season as a full-time starter.

Eagles 2022 season preview: supremacy formulas, benchmark predictions, and more – The Athletic
The Eagles are going to have a disappointing season if… Berman: Pains recede. The Eagles don’t need Hurts to play like the elite quarterbacks leading the best NFL teams, but they can’t afford the Hurts’ regression. Quarterback development isn’t always linear, so expecting Hurts to do better in 2022 simply because he’s his second year as a full-time starter at this offense shouldn’t be taken for granted. If the Hurts become more prone to spinning and less efficient than last season, the Eagles will not live up to pre-season expectations and will return to the cycle of teams looking for back-up players.

Spadaro: It’s Game Week! Here are 10 hubs to follow – PE.com
2. Which means exactly what about quarterback Jalen Hurts? This means Hurts has to be consistent with his performance, something he has talked about throughout his career. He’s not going to change anything about the way he runs his business – he’s just striving for more consistency. To this end, Hurts put in work to improve his game and his summer performance was impressive. What does that mean starting on Sunday? Hurts enters the regular season confident in his understanding of the attack and the steps he has taken to level up. He will be mentally prepared for anything the Lions throw at him on Sunday. Hurts just have to play their game and follow the attack structure. What was clear and remarkable was the progress that Hurts, coach Nick Siriani and Stitchin made in their second season together in attack from a confidence standpoint. This will go a long way. The Eagles will emphasize Hurts in a running game and they will display his football throwing skills to a plethora of weapons. Efficiency and consistency are the targets here for victimization and crime.

1 game match to watch every match week 1 NFL – PFF
Philadelphia Eagles @ Detroit Lions. De Jordan Davis vs. C. Frank Rajneau. Jordan Davis is one of the most interesting players to watch any time he plays. He is a unique athlete who can beat even elite athletes with his massive size and strength. What will determine how good it will be is consistency. One of the best positions in the game, Frank Ragno will test him on his NFL debut. Ragnow hasn’t allowed a bag during his last 758 shots to block a pass and he’s improved on his PFF blocking run every year of his career.

Teddy Bridgewater & Beyond: Reserve midfielder ratings – Football Strangers
5. Gardner Menshaw, Philadelphia Eagles. If you want your team to be competitive while the quarterback is gone, you’ll want someone like Nick Foles. If you want them to be a shout-out to watch, pick up Minshew, who is already halfway to becoming Ryan Fitzpatrick with his signature look, colorful backstory, and knack for making routine plays seem challenging and losses seem like moral victories. Like Fitzpatrick, Minshew can put together enough improvisations to score some wins before opponents realize they’re snooker. That’s all the team can ask for from a young seasoned reserve guy.

Detroit Lions put Halapoulivaati Vaitai on IR, OG Drew demands Forbes stop waivers – Pride Of Detroit
With the Lions approaching the first week of the 2022 season, after a year of waiting, it looked like the team would finally be able to see their five starting lineups working together for the first time in the regular season. But, that was not the case, and that moment will be delayed by at least four weeks, according to the new rules of the injured reserve. Faytay looked so strong in this training camp and pre-season, especially in the running game, that he was playing some of the best football he played during his three years in Detroit. With two pre-season games, he has received 91.8 and 81.8 total Pro Football Focus scores for his first game (against the Hawks) and three (against the Steelers) respectively. He doesn’t appear injured in the pre-season final, but was notably absent during last Thursday’s training.

For Cowboys, Jason Peters is a Bandage, Not a Cure – Blogging The Boys
Once that starts, the team has to decide if it’s best to keep Peters in a backup role when he’s ready to play, or bring Smith back inside to guard where he’s got all his business before, and put Peters into a left-hand tackle. On paper, this appears to be the strongest line, but asking a novice to keep moving between positions is far from ideal. Hopefully injuries won’t harden their hands, but at least Peters offers a better option than Josh Paul or Matt Waltzko. Once he’s ready to go, of course. On the first day of the first week of the regular season, Peters was the best signing the team could make to heal the wound they suffered when Tyrone fell. But it was purely reactionary. Had Tyron made it to Sunday to start against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, all indications were that the property was content to roll with Ball and Waletzko as tackle depth.

Giants OC Mike Kafka will be calling the plays, says Brian Daboll – Big Blue View
Head coach Brian Dabol confirmed Monday that offensive coordinator Mike Kafka will be calling plays for the New York Giants. “I have great confidence in Mike,” Daboll said. “We will stay with the way we did things in pre-season.” Up until this point, Daboll was noncommittal about the offensive chip’s summoning role. Kafka, who never called up plays, was a quarterback coach and passing coordinator with the Kansas City Chiefs before joining Daboll’s new side with the Giants this season. Kafka called on plays throughout the spring and summer, working from the top floor of the coaches’ booth during the Three Giants’ pre-season games.

Ron Rivera Presser: Hiring Ryan Kerrigan as assistant DL coach was a no-brainer – Hogs Haven
[BLG Note: After a year in Philly, Kerrigan is returning to Washington in a coaching role.]

At Carson Wentz, leaders trust they’ve found the person – The Washington Post
“He’s running around in the escape room like he’s doing the offense,” Way said with a laugh. “…He doesn’t want hints. He wants to do everything himself….But we get out of the room every time.” [BLG Note: “He wants to do it all by himself.”]

The Shippers sign TE Richard Rodgers to join the coaching squad – Bullets from the Blue
Rodgers is 30 and has spent 8 years in the NFL, splitting that time equally with 4 years at the Green Bay Packers and 4 years with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Pittsburgh Steelers to end their 2022 training squad – Behind the Hard Curtain
[BLG Note: The Steelers have five former Eagles players on their practice squad. They’re employing Jason Huntley (!), Andrew Adams, Elijah Riley, Renell Wren, and William Dunkle. Andy Weidl clearly has a significant influence in Pittsburgh.]

Monday Football Monday #104: JSpence Joins in Talks About the Super Bowl or Bust the Buffalo Bills – The SB Nation NFL Show
Join RJ Ochoa by JSpence of Buffalo Rumblings to discuss what constitutes success or failure for the Buffalo Bills this season. Also, JSpence shares information about a special project it’s working on.

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