Eagles vs Lions predictions for the first week of the NFL season

The Eagles begin their 2022 season against the Lions at Ford Field in Detroit on Sunday.

For predictions:

Robin Frank (0-0)

You can’t ask the past eight months to get better. Howie Roseman addressed every area the Eagles needed to tackle, Jalen Hurts showed the kind of growth in practice he needed to show, and the Eagles made it to their opening game against the Lions Sunday with every start — and every backup — healthy and ready to go. The Eagles are in full force, the roster is loaded and the team looks focused and confident on their way to Detroit, and you never know what’s going to happen on opening day – there’s always a lot of annoyances and surprises – but they’re clearly just the best team at this. I don’t expect things to come as easy as last year, when the Black Eagles led 17-0 in the first half en route to a 44-6 win at Ford Field, but I do expect that to be a comforting statement to win the season opener and enjoy the 2022 Eagles.

Eagles 29, Lions 17

Dave Zangaro (0-0)

Lions shouldn’t be condoned by vultures but I don’t buy Hard Knox bangers either. The Eagles probably won’t win another 44-6 game at Ford Stadium this season, but I don’t think that will be particularly close. It felt that way even before the Lions started dealing with some injuries in their offensive line. With this unit now so shaky, I would expect the Eagles’ high-paid line of defense to bypass Jared Goff in this game and really limit Detroit’s production.

On the flip side, Aidan Hutchinson would be a good player, but he’d lock in this game with my two starting tackles for the Eagles, and the Birds attack should have no trouble cooking against the lions’ defense. There are no easy games in the NFL but I would expect the Eagles to win this game with relative ease. Lions play hard but that won’t be enough.

Eagles 27, Lions 10

Barrett Brooks (0-0)

I’ve never gone into Eagles season with the high expectations I have this year. The whole defense is better.. The D-Line, the midfielders, the young players with a secondary added quality, which will allow the multiple fronts Jonathan Gannon who wants to run. The first to fall was the Achilles heel of the defense last year. There were many times Gannon had to play softer cover because opponents had such a hit initially. The key to Sunday is stopping the Lions running first and then playing hard in coverage in 2-10 and 3-10.

Offensively, Shane Steichen will open the attack to Galen Hurts. With the addition of AJ Brown, the offense should open the field. The Lions will have to move coverage to wherever Brown lines up on the field. This will unlock the running game for Miles Sanders and midfield for Dallas Goedert.

Everyone should understand that this game is not Hard Knocks. Dan Campbell is a very passionate coach and his team will play hard. But at the end of the day, the Detroit Lions are unmanned when compared to the Philadelphia Eagles. If the Birds can weather the first initial emotional storm the Lions will give them in their home opening game, the talent on the Eagles roster should take over and the Eagles will eventually take over the rest of the game.

Eagles 32, Lions 14

Mike Mulhern (0-0)

Don’t fall in love with the hustle and bustle. Dan Campbell can curse in front of every camera and demand solidity at every turn, but his team can’t chew enough from his knees to make up for the talent gap found in this match. To add an injury to that humiliation, they’ll likely be a rookie along the inside of their offensive line because of the physical training camp. Good luck trying to block the likes of Fletcher Cox, Javon Hargrave, and Jordan Davis with backups.

The Eagles menu is stacked up, they’re healthy, and they’re definitely hungry. If you thought lions would burn after their doors were blown out by birds last year, consider the amount of flames burning inside Nick Siriani and Galen Hurts after spawning the playoffs. This has all the ingredients for a comfortable win. Not only is it too comfortable for Jason Kelsey.

Eagles 30, Lions 20

Adam Hermann (0-0)

Don’t overthink: the Eagles win this game. The talents that appear on their roster are simply too overwhelming in a confrontation against a less conspicuous opponent. Nick Siriani is the type of head coach who will bring his guys and be ready for a season full of high expectations, and they will win this season.

Actually I don’t hate black crime. Philly’s D’Andre Swift is a talented and versatile back, TJ Hockenson is a nightmare TE match, the WR team has an upside, and Penei Sewell’s first year in the league was very encouraging.

The problem, of course, is the quarterback. As long as Jared Goff is the guy to shoot it to Detroit, you can feel good about your chances of keeping that team under 20 points (the Lions beat that mark only five times last season) which is a good way for the Eagles to tone down. Minor redesign of the season.

Give me a solid first run with some eye-catching plays from Jalen Hurts to AJ Brown, a comfortable second half, and a first-week win for the second season in a row under Nick Sirianni.

Eagles 30, Black 17

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