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Labor Day weekend notes and football season are already looking amazing

I sat there alone at Caveman Command Center late last night smashing the Mexicali retreat as the chaos of Florida State University-Florida State University unfolded, all I could think about was how great it would be to spend four straight months of weekends just like the ones we enjoyed just yet .

  1. Even though the doomsday audience is trying to tell you that NIL and the transfer gate will be the death of college football, the sport is just fine. Have you watched until the end of the FSU-LSU game? It’s not like you can tell who was on the NIL deal and who was moved four times in three years. That final drive from LSU was better than any Hollywood pumped-up drama in the past five years. You might be commenting on the 12-team match news. rest. live in the moment.
  2. If color analyst Greg McElroy’s performance during the last five minutes of FSU-LSU tells us anything, it’s that he has a bright future at ESPN where he will drive people at home crazy for the next 30 years. Blue check marks on Twitter are already discussing McElroy’s position that QBs should not run the ball back from the goal line. This is a hot take-off material.
  3. I’ll just say it – Busch lights and shots hit differently during the football season.
  4. Although age is starting to become a factor when I lift the chair, putting me to sleep in about 5-8 minutes, I haven’t missed a step on the cup table. The competitive spirit is alive.
  5. The addition of a third TV to the Caveman Command Center this weekend was the right call. Now I’m thinking of another one. There are a lot of toys that can not be consumed and a lot of space on the wall.
  6. Mrs. Screencaps and I enjoyed 24 hours without the kids and ended up in a saltwater fish store that was supposed to close. The owner’s husband saw us and opened the door to look around. That’s when we learned the saltwater fish trade is booming in northwest Ohio—sales have doubled since VID hit US soil. The Salt Water Fish Store Guy estimates $900 to $1,200 that will get us starting with a decent sized selection of corals and fish, plus they’ll go out to make service calls for an additional cost. I’m outside, Doug. This project will have to wait. Our dog would probably hit the tank and send $300 of fish flying through the family room.
  7. Credit goes to my neighbor for creating a Saturday night where no kids are allowed to have a college football party. We need more of them.
  8. I noticed that the price of a box of Costco cheese has jumped. I’ll go ahead and say, inflation is out of control! This drawer was like $8.69 three months ago. I think it’s now at $9.39. SMH.
  9. What’s all the hate for those of us who hit Costco on Saturday while playing Iowa? Guys, if there are bad afternoon games, there is absolutely nothing wrong with running the show to Costco on a Saturday afternoon.
  10. If you run a bar, let’s put the music down a bit at Sunday lunch, especially after the big college football on Saturday.
  11. I was jealous of my friend who was in the UNC-App State game. This is exactly the environment I need these days.
  12. By the way, was it a little cold in Boone, NC? I swear Mac Brown was wearing a sweatshirt.
  13. I had a draft Gauntlet last night and I must admit it wasn’t the smartest thing to do this draft at an FSU-LSU neighborhood party while doing shots and drinking IPAs. I left a lot of people in my head and ended up with the Packers, Saints, Steelers and Texans. I’m upset, but at least I don’t have to change a menu for 17 weeks.
  14. Someone paid $8 or $9 for Jags. I was shocked.
  15. I paid $41 for the packages. My biggest mistake was missing out on a second, higher level team. It will never happen again.

• Ripcurl wrote in St. Pete:

Attached are some pictures of my son Sully getting ready for the big match.

Looking forward to the Gauntlet League project. I have no idea what I should do. I’ll give her a shot.

That’s it right off the top of my foggy head this morning. Have a great day at work and get your mind and body fit for the NFL this Thursday. We are back in the belly of the beast.

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