Emmanuel Quikley will save the day after the Knicks miss Donovan Mitchell

I know we’re all mad at the New York Knicks Missed Donovan MitchellBut this may be a blessing in disguise. Looks like the New York front office isn’t just going to blow up their single-player franchise.

Yes, Donovan Mitchell is an All-Star player, but he’s not Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. These are the kind of players you would risk everything for. It was nice to have Mitchell, but I think we did sexy young player Ready to take the next step. As his third season begins next month, Emmanuel Quikley has the opportunity to make Knicks fans forget about the trade that never happened!

Emmanuel Quikley looks more like Donovan Mitchell than you think

Look, Donovan Mitchell and Emmanuel Quikley are more alike than you think. Both had two-year college jobs with the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky, respectively.

Prior to Mitchell’s junior season, he announced for the 2017 NBA draft. In his second season with the Louisville Cardinals, he averaged 15 points, five rebounds and two assists per game. These stats remind me of Quickley’s back when the Kentucky Wildcat was.

Before Quickley announced the 2020 draft, he averaged 16 points, four rebounds, and two assists per game in his sophomore year. These numbers are pretty much identical to Mitchell’s numbers, right? They both made the All-First team for their conferences with Quickley winning the 2020 SEC Player of the Year award.

Heading into recruit nights, they were both expected picks in the first round. The predictions were correct as both players didn’t have to wait long to walk across the stage.

In 2017, Mitchell, the 13th pick, was named by the Denver Nuggets while Quikley was drafted in 2020 by the Oklahoma City Thunder as the 25th overall pick. And imagine what? Both were traded on Project Night! Mitchell has traded with the Utah Jazz and Kickley become nick! So far, these two have had identical functions.

In Mitchell’s rookie campaign, he took on the scoring role and averaged 20 points and three assists per game. The following year, he raised his tally to 24 points and four assists per game. His third year was the best so far! He increased his field goal percentage, free throw percentage, three point percentage, and rebounds, and helped on his way to his first All-Star pick. I think you all know where I’m going with this.

Look for Emmanuel Quikley in his third season with the Knicks

Quickley has the opportunity to do the same! He’s not quite the scorer as Donovan Mitchell, but he does a little bit of everything.

If there was a 40/40/90 club, Emmanuel Quikley would have made it. In his rookie season, he was pretty close. He shot 40 percent from the field, about 40 percent from three-point range (39 percent), and made 90 percent of his free throws while doing 2nd team for all beginners. In his second season, just like Mitchell, Quickley increased his following and assists in every game. Knicks fans expect Quickley to do just that Keep improving his game Because it is a fan favorite.

Mitchell has become an All-Star in his third season, so why can’t he IQ? Their careers have mirrored each other since college. The NBA could be the same! And to be honest, Quickley may have more of an upper hand than Mitchell in some aspects of the game. He’s smaller, taller, and more comfortable playing the point guard or shooting guard position.

In his first two years in the league, Quickley hit the ball better than three times and Mitchell’s free-throw line. These are two very important aspects of today’s game. Let’s hope he continues in the right direction as this year could be a turning point for him. Mitchell took a turn for the better in his third year and hasn’t looked back since.

Don’t worry, New York, we don’t have Donovan Mitchell, but we have Emmanuel Quikley.