Expert Round Table NFL Week 1: Exciting games, QBs on a hot bench and upset shots

First match of 2022 NFL The season ended with Josh Allen and the buffalo bills appears in Thursday 31-10 win Over the rams Why are they preferred to take Super Bowl crown From Los Angeles in February.

What other interesting games are included in the first week’s schedule? Which quarterback has the most pressure in his first season? Who could be an annoying winner this weekend? the athlete NFL writers Dan Pompey, Mike Sandow, and Nate Tice discuss what they’ll be watching on Sunday and Monday.

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Seven notes from the Bills’ win over the Rams: Josh Allen shines, new role for Stefon Diggs

What is the first week game that interests you and why?

Pompeii: The Packers-Vikings is a great way to get the ball rolling in the NFC North. The rivalry is strong between the two teams. It would be interesting to know what Packers Crime looks without Davant Adamsand it would be interesting to know what a file Vikings look with Kevin O’Donnell in charge. Vikings full-back Zadarius Smith doesn’t have to wait long to show his old team what he’s missing out on.

shirt: The chargers fee Raiders Coming out of the gate is pretty cool after the Chargers took their time to fix a defense that wasn’t good enough to lift them off Las Vegas in turmoil last season. This one game becomes an instant off-season referendum as it forces the Shipper to immediately face what they were doomed last season. Having Josh McDaniels coordinating the Raiders’ new offense adds another element, as we’ll naturally measure the Chargers’ Head coach and defensive engineer, Brandon Staley, against one of the game’s best offensive callers. There are a lot of things to absorb in the first week.

TICE: Vikings packs. I’m becoming more and more optimistic about what the Vikings’ offense will look like under O’Connell’s Rams-inspired attack ( Jared Goff Issuance). I think the players have a skill at his disposal – Justin JeffersonAnd the dolphin cook and others – this crime will fit like a glove and I’m excited to see her work with her Kirk Cousins (hopefully) shooting balls Down the field of play. On the Packers side, I rank their primary defensive back as one if not the best group in the NFL, and I want to see how that defense looks right to it Kwai Walker at noon. Also, how Aaron Rodgers See with this recipient group? What is Matt LaFleur leaning toward with this lesser offense with Adams? I have faith they’ll find out this season, but I can’t wait to see what it all looks like.

What is the most important story you will watch unfold this weekend?

Pompeii: can protect buck Tom Brady? questions Overtake departures and casualties in their offensive line. It is also without a receiver, like Rob Gronkowski It will most likely be on the beach somewhere, cool in hand. Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn and Micah Parsons They undoubtedly see opportunities for bags.

shirt: High expectations about brokers who have either changed teams, been promoted to lineup or ramped up their teams around them. Include the list Russell Wilson for DenverAnd the Matt Ryan for IndianapolisAnd the Toa Tagoviloa in it again Miami a crime, Baker Mayfield In the state of Carolina and even Tre Lance to replace Jimmy Garoppolo – Especially with Lance facing A bear team led Justin FieldsWho is he 49ers Overtake him in taking a lance.

TICE: The Broncos-Seahawks “Monday Night Football” match will be very exciting. What will be the reception of Russell Wilson in Seattle? What Will Wilson Do / Nathaniel Hackett? look crime? How does the Seahawks‘Young offensive sheet men are looking at them Jeno Smith in helmet_driving? Does Pete Carol get his wish to hit the rock whenever he wants? Rashad Bini And (when he’s healthy) Kenneth Walker III? Monday night should be a fun glimpse of what’s to come.

Broncos QB Russell Wilson faces his former team, the Seahawks, on Monday. (Ron Chinoy/USA Today)

Which quarterback has the most pressure on him in his first season?

Pompeii: Mitch Trubesky He is trying to revive his career by replacing Ben Roethlisberger, a player who could be on his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Steelers Gone all in On Trubisky, appoint him captain as well as give him the starting job. But the rookie Kenny Beckett He did well in pre-season, and since the Steelers drafted him in the first round, it’s only a matter of time before become the initiator.

shirt: The Broncos embraced the idea that they found their savior in the middle in Wilson. Be that as it may, there is pressure on Wilson to lift this team immediately, but he must play his first game against the team and coach that. I know him better And against a new defensive scheme from the Seahawks, little was revealed in pre-season. Obviously, the Seattle attack could lose the match, but is it realistic to expect Wilson and the Denver attack to miss out on the spot? There’s more to Denver than winning in this game.

TICE: It must be Wilson. Either directly or indirectly, he has put pressure on himself to perform and deliver this season. Any flaws on Monday will be compounded by the game’s highlight. Overreacting to first week performances is an NFL tradition, but Wilson can help with quiet whispers by responding to the Seahawks.

Which newbie has the greatest potential to hack Game 1?

Pompeii: black edge Aidan Hutchinson He seems physically and mentally ready for seize a moment. And if he did, he might walk on the moon.


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Team Athletic writers pick Rookie of the Year awards

shirt: The saintsChris Olaf It is a professional wide receiver ready to face hawks Defense in the first week, so be a candidate.

TICE: Tyler Linderbaum He will bring a different skill set into the Baltimore Center. He’s a great athlete crows He’ll love getting out into space as a magnet, giving them a different offensive flavor than they’ve been lately. If crows good performance against the PlanesCheck out the number 64 that flies to 2nd level defenders.

Which team is overconfident in entering their first match?

Pompeii: I wouldn’t say chargers are too reliable, but I would say they better not be. Raiders are a dangerous opponent, and they are even more dangerous because it is the first week and they have New training staff.

shirt: I have no way of gauging the overconfidence across the league, but this off season has been one of the biggest celebrations the EaglesIncredible list, with little regard for some of the risks associated with the players the team depends on. I was expecting Philly to defeat the Lions in the opening match. I expect Philly to win that match as well. But the last time we saw the Eagles, they were 31-0 behind during three quarters of the playoff. This seems completely forgotten.

TICE: I think every team is overconfident at this time, but as Mike Tyson said: “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” If I had to pick one, it would be the chargers – not because of their arrogance but because of the way it was discussed by third parties. I’m just as excited as the others to see me Justin Herbert and chargers Take a step forward This year, but every match in the AFC Premier League will be a hand-to-hand battle. We’ll see how this team responds to a bloody lip.

Which team will be the surprise winner in the first week?

Pompeii: The Jaguar upset filter. They are a more talented team than they get, Trevor Lawrence He looks ready to take a big step and Doug Pederson will have them ready to play. The leaders They are in a fierce battle, no doubt.

shirt: There are some dissatisfied candidates. We have no idea who might come out flat or whatever, but the Hazm lost their 2021 opener 38-3, and now the Vikings are visiting Open this season. I really like Green Bay this season in general and I think this could be the Super Bowl season, but the Packers split with the Vikings last season. Minnesota is not bad. Given the long-running turmoil, I wouldn’t be surprised if Seattle win at home against Denver, if Wilson takes some time and that attack coincides.

TICE: The giants Over the titans. The Titans have a strong defense, but their attack seems to be too in contrast After sending tn AJ Brown to the eagles. Giants are rebuilding and reassessing their people with a new responsible system and Daniel Jones Still prove it belongs As a starting quarterback. Now with a creative coaching staff, though, he’ll likely like using his legs a bit more to make things easier on their attack. Giants are also healthy I will be Barclay And a lot of capital invested in their offensive line. Look for an ugly fist fight in Nashville, with the Giants a strong candidate not only to cover Spread 5.5 pips But a complete win.

(Top illustration: Wes McCabe/ the athlete; Pictures of Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady and Zadarius Smith: Getty Images)