Fan Voicemail Inspires Crummy New Pistons Uni

When I was in college in the early 80’s, I would hang out in my dorm room one day to read Rolling rock. There was a standard review of a hard rock band live album I can’t remember who it is – Triumph, maybe..? Anyway, the review, which gave the live album only one star out of five, started something like this:

About halfway through this album, lead singer [John Doe] He tells the audience, “By the way, we’re recording this show for our next live album! That’s right, You are making a live album Immediately!!”

Not so fast, guys – you can’t blame the crowd for this sinking.

That’s how I feel about the Pistons’ new alternate statement, which was unveiled yesterday. Supposedly “inspired” by the voicemail a fan left in the team’s offices nearly two years ago. You can hear it in this tweet (more info over here):

It’s a nice story, but the team shouldn’t be allowed to avoid being blamed for this mess. I suppose it could be said to be better than files alternative previous statement, but only because it’s not gray. I don’t like BFBS, I don’t like the black-on-black outline typography, I don’t like the flowy left-hand number, and I don’t like how the whole thing looks like a stack of stacked layers (Maker’s tag and ad are the first layer, then the letters, then the lines, then the number). Buffet.

The team hasn’t released any rear view photos, but here’s a sample for retail:

Meanwhile, if you wanted to be a designer in the NBA, we now know there’s no need to go to design school or strain your brain to come up with silly “storytelling” concepts. Just leave an incoherent speech on the voicemail of your favorite team and you can also be a designer! (And then in a couple of years, you can watch your design get discarded and forgotten when they bring up the next alternate statement.) And hello, professional teams, no need to hire branding design consultants and marketing staff! Just give that phone number and you’ll have some great ideas in no time. Why didn’t everyone find out about this years ago?

Still, there must be some Accountability here, right? The team can’t just pass this on to the fans. Noah ah, pistons – that’s on you.

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