Fantasy Football – Best and Worst Matches in Every Position for NFL Week 1 2022

Your research and draft are done, your list set. Definitely time to sit back, relax and watch the stats of a good fantasy?

far from it.

Fantasy football, arguably more than any other sport, involves a lot of roster manipulation in the season, most notably the weekly squad decisions. Assembling the perfect squad is an integral part of your team’s success. If you’ve played this game for any amount of time, you’ve surely heard all about “matches,” which is the most common factor in making those tough decisions among players of similar value. When all else fails, start the player whose match is most suitable.

Ah, but this is where this gets complicated. exactly How Does one decipher the best (and worst) weekly matches?

Let’s get rid of the bad news response first: week one is The The hardest week in terms of evaluating matches. It’s common for fictional analysis to rely too heavily on the previous year’s stats, although that completely ignores how quickly and dramatically changing this game, especially over the seven months off season. 10 key coaching positions – linked to the most in any other season and representing 31% of the league – and 12 other defensive coordinator roles have been changed, potentially changing teams’ defensive tactics dramatically, while notable names such as Chandler JonesAnd the Khalil MacAnd the by Miller And the Bobby Wagner The teams changed hands, further altering the 2022 landscape. Don’t even bother diving into pre-season stats, either, considering the limited shots the real defensive players play.

However, the good news is that you’ve come to the right place in terms of determining the best and worst matches for the first week. Published every Thursday, the Match Map ranks all 32 opposing defenses in order from most to least suitable for opposing players in all four skill positions (midfield, running back, wide receiver and narrow end). For the first week, these ratings are entirely my opinion of how much I would like or not favor that match, despite the full season data for 2021. he is An introduction to give you another glimpse into the power of that particular match.

Additionally – and this approach will continue into the regular season of 2022, when we begin to integrate data into the season when there are three weeks in the books – all statistical data takes a schedule-independent approach to determining the strength of spot matches. For example, the Miami Dolphins awarded opposing quarterbacks 263.64 fantasy points on their PPR in 2021, the sixth lowest of any defensive unit. However, in the process, they faced only three of the top 10 quarterbacks, while only seven of the 17 managed a 15-point average for the season, which ranks by far as the easiest positioning table in the league. To adapt to this, by comparing the points they allowed to with the typical output of their opponents, the Dolphins were the eleventh-worst Defending against a quarterback last season.

So let’s move on to the charts and start the process of setting up your lineup. The maps have two metrics: the first, “Rk”, is my personal rank for the match; The second, “Adj. FPA”, reflects how high or low the average weekly fantasy PPR of players as the defense held their opponents in this mode in 2021. Remember, teams often use many back runs and wide receivers in the game, and these Plus/Minus Covering Averages All A member of the team in this position.

A couple of caveats before we get started: Once again, take the 2021 data with a heavy dose of salt, because ratings matter much more. In addition, only matches One An element of the line-up process, in which not every favorable match should be exploited, nor should an unfavorable match be avoided. If you want the complete source – and the ESPN fiction staff – the most complete source to start sitting back each week, check out our weekly rankings.