Fantasy Football Week 1 Injury Analysis and Start/Sit Guidelines (2022)

It would be surprising to see JK Dobbins play any meaningful amount until week three.

Tons of injury news for Week 1. I’m Dr. Deepak Chuna, Founder of SportsMedAnalytics, and we’re engaged with FantasyPros to bring you the best injury analysis in the NFL all season. If you have more questions, contact us on Twitter Tweet embed And the Tweet embedWe are also happy to address it. Now let’s dive in.

JK Dobbins (RB – BAL)

Dobbins is officially questionable but still limited in practice. It would be amazing to see him play any meaningful amount before week three. By mid-season, the SportsMedAnalytics (SMA) database expects to have regained 85% of his peak form, but if we see him play in September, expect a shot with limited counts and a blast.

Christian McCaffrey (Right Back – Central African Republic)

Yes, the injury report did hit him, but it is said to be just a minor cut in his leg. Expect full workload and performance.

Allen Lazard (UK – UK)

Lazard is suspicious of an ankle injury and almost certainly banned after missing three exercises in a row. They didn’t tell us if this was a high ankle or low ankle type. A high ankle usually means two to four weeks for WR, and a low ankle is usually closer to one to two weeks.

Chris Goodwin (WR – TB)

He says it’s a game-time decision, but despite being listed as a “full participant” in practice, he hasn’t received any contact results yet. It’s hard to imagine him playing as a result.

Even if Goodwin fits in, the data strongly suggests that sitting in fantasy is the move for now. The SMA expects to reach 85% of its full recovery in mid-October, with 90% arriving in mid-November. This probably means a limited number of sudden runs starting in the 4-6 week range and undeserved production to start work as it progresses during that time.

Michael Thomas (WR – NO)

Officially in question, but he’s been training in limited capacity all week. Pre-season hamstring strains for WRs tend to cause a small (~10%) reduction in production in the short term and also carry a risk of recurrence of approximately 20% at some point in the season.

However, MT should be close to full strength, as we expect last year’s ankle problem to return to normal. 90% of the previous model is still a potential stud WR, so for Week 1, we’ll feel reasonably good about putting it in line. Watch Sunday’s reports carefully, though – this may have some changes in the last second before the game.

George Keitel (TE – SF)

He’s played without training before, but this injury just hit on Monday, and if reports of a grade two groin strain are accurate, we’d usually look at three weeks. Plan to use your backup now. After it heals, it will carry a recurrence rate of about 25% in the short term, but if it remains healthy, its performance should bounce back to normal.

Drake London (WR – ATL)

Not much diagnostic information has been released on this, but his practice trends are headed in the right direction, and Falcons data is optimistic that London plays the first week. Surprise in the inactivity report before the match.

James Robinson (RB – JAX)

It looks like a full 8 months were cut short for his hock injury, but the historical data is stacked solidly against him. SMA predicts 80% of pre-injury blasting at this point, so that’s probably Travis EtienneTo lose the workload. By mid-season, Robinson will probably deserve a flexible study, but at this point, it would be risky to count on too much production in the first week.

Rondale Moore (WR – ARI)

He developed a serious hamstring strain late this week, and Moore will unfortunately likely be looking for a long absence. The typical return (if “serious” is an accurate descriptor) is four to six weeks, with frequency rates hovering around 20% once it returns. Not a bad idea to acquire shares of Marquis Brown And the AJ Green.

Kenneth Walker III (RB – SEA)

He will very likely miss the first week, but the positive development is that he is running and looking good. The usual return takes six weeks, which may put him in the third week. There is minimal performance degradation or redundancy risk after this point, so look for him to become an important member of your team soon. It can also be worth buying at a low price if your league mates are not like you.

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