Five bold predictions for the 2022 NFL season: Russell Wilson dominates with the Broncos. Eagles shock NFC technology

Folks, we made it. Gone are the days when we have to lie to ourselves and say that store-bought pre-season football is as good as the brand name stuff. The regular season is here. but before Invoices And the rams As the 2022 campaign kicks off, it’s time for us to name our five bold predictions for the season.

We made a copy of this In the middle of the regular season 2021 It was a mixed bag with a few hits. Yes, Derek Henry is back titans And Tennessee was able to hold onto the number one seed, yeah, heads Reached the Asian Championship match. However, the rams were far from being one and did in postseason and black He didn’t go from 0 to 17. And even though he came out of retirement, we still called our prediction “retired Tom Brady” a win.

This year, we’ve got one NFC team rising to the top of the conference while the remaining prospects focus on singles play from some of the most polarizing numbers in the NFL.

1. the Eagles Earning first rank in NFC

The Philadelphia Eagles were such an exciting pick to win the NFC East that they are now the betting favorite. With that in mind, let’s move the prediction to in bold By saying they would end up as the number one seed in the entire NFC. They are currently out of the top five in odds of winning the top seed in the conference and are looking for pirateAnd the Packersrams CowboysAnd the 49ers, in that order. At Caesars Sportsbook, they have 10-1 odds of sitting on top of NFC.

That’s inappropriate, the Eagles have improved the menu across the board. They traded for superstar AJ Brown in the draft, giving Jalen Hurts a real first choice along with DeVonta Smith and tight end Dallas Goedert. This trio of passer hunters is better than Hurts’ years in his first two, and being in Nick Sirianni’s sophomore system gets him ready for a leap in production. Meanwhile, they appear to have found success on home soil by tackling a first-round defensive tackle by Jordan Davis and hijacked linebacker Nakobi Dean in the third round this spring. They were also recently traded to CJ Gardner-Johnson to give a minor boost.

Not only is the list better, but it also features one of the easiest tables in the entire NFL. When looking at predicted winning totals, Philly’s table ranks as the second easiest in the league. This should allow them to stack the winnings and eventually grab the top seed.

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McCaffrey has faced the challenge in the past few seasons. The running back superstar has been haunted by injuries that have taken long periods of play over the past two seasons and is now looking to recover with a healthy campaign in 2022. And we expect he will do just that.

During the first three seasons of McCaffrey’s career, he was always very solid, never missing a single match and playing nearly 85% of offensive shots. He dates back to 2020, however, he only played 10 matches due to injury. At some point, this injury bad luck has to turn around and he looks set to run a health campaign in 2022.

He was put into IR at the end of the season in Week 12 of last season, so he’s had plenty of time to rest as he enters this year in perfectly healthy shape. On top of that, he plays in a much better offense with Baker Mayfield at quarterback in the first round and first-round tackle Ekim Ikuwono blocks him, so he may not be abused as much as he has in the past.

When healthy, McCaffrey is one of the most electric and productive position players in the NFL. If he plays all 17 games as we expect, he is the best comeback player of the year.

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The man who has never got the MVP vote in his career will have the bulk of them by the end of the 2022 regular season. Yes, Russell Wilson will be the most valuable player of the season. The star quarterback has been traded to Denver Broncos That’s out of season and he’s shoving himself into an attack full of top-tier guns like Wideouts Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy, and sophomore Javonte Williams. Wilson will also play for head coach of the year Nathaniel Hackett, who was previously the Packers offensive coordinator and helped Aaron Rodgers win MVP awards in the past two years.

As we’ve seen over the past couple of years, middle players can adapt quickly after switching franchises (Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady, for example). With this fresh start and strong showing around him, Wilson is expected to put up impressive numbers and be the difference-maker that finally takes Denver to the playoffs.

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First of all, the nickname “Angry George” is *kiss boss* perfect.

The Chiefs’ first-round pass striker is expected to play a solid role along this defense, giving him a path to beat 20-1 odds and win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. He had two bags during pre-season and that’s the kind of statistic that will get voters’ attention.

He’ll play for the Chiefs who will be a year-round Super Bowl contender and still boast an attacker who should be able to join the teams early on. This sets up a game scenario for him to be able to take on opposing quarterbacks and increase his stats, especially with the likes of Chris Jones and Frank Clarke attracting the most attention. If he can disrupt the quarterback as he did at Bordeaux, the 6-foot-4, 275-pounder will have a national theater to present his case.

Kansas City is scheduled to play five games in prime time this season, the most a team can get. This allows Karlavtes to watch the entire NFL audience. That’s something Aidan Hutchinson – currently the preferred bet for this award – doesn’t have because the Lions don’t currently have a peak game in 2022.

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There doesn’t seem to be much gray area with Tua Tagovailoa: either you think he’s a man of privilege or you don’t.

For me, I think it’s the kind of medium around which you can build your team and achieve sustainable success. Over the first two years of his career, he landed a raw deal that hurt his development. In 2020, Tagoviloa entered the NFL after suffering a horrific hip injury in Alabama and then was pushed into dolphins Crime created for Ryan Fitzpatrick. The coaching staff at the time also kept him in and out of matches throughout that rookie year, which had to shake his confidence. Then, the team publicly pursued Deshaun Watson throughout the 2021 season, and it seems like he always had his eyes on his replacement.

Now, under new coach Mike McDaniel, it looks like Miami is finally building an offense that meets the needs of his skill set. McDaniels is an offensive coach and has gone out the front office and bolstered the offensive line by signing tackle Terron Armstead, creating a backcourt for Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert, and making the popular Tyreek Hill wide trade to pair with Jaylen Waddle.

Tagovailoa is now well off that injury, has offensive and offensive skill from players that caters to his needs, and should finally be that top-tier prospect that has been described as for Crimson Tide, who will silence any questions regarding his ability to be QB1.