Five starters in key roles and a ruined schedule: Why the Chiefs’ defense can’t start slowly again – Kansas City Chiefs Blog

KANSAS CITY, Mo. If you feel like 2019 is over for Steve Spagnuolo, there’s a good reason for that. The Kansas City Chiefs reformed their defense again, as they did three years earlier, right after Spagnuolo joined The Chiefs as their defensive coordinator.

This time around, the Chiefs will have up to five emerging players, including first-round draft picks in the back corner. Trent McDuffy and defensive end George Karlavtis, at key defensive positions. They put up a defensive end Carlos Dunlap Via free agency that’s inappropriate to help edge rush, they sign for safety Justin Reed To replace Teran Mathieu In the back end.

Defense can be a work in progress, as it was in 2019.

“You have some thinking to do,” Spagnuolo said as the Chiefs race to put the pieces together in time for the inaugural season on Sunday at the Arizona Cardinals. “We have new guys we’re not really sure where their strengths and weaknesses are.

“I spend the first quarter of the season… figuring out what you have, who you are and what you want to do because you can’t always understand everything in the face of one type of attack. This is a unique insult that we oppose. [offseason practice] And right through the training camp.”

Spagnuolo and The Chiefs get no grace period. after face Keeler Murray From the Cardinals, the opposing midfielders they will have to defend in the next five games are in good standing Justin Herbert Los Angeles Chargers, Matt Ryan Indianapolis Colts, Tom Brady From pirate bay tampa, Derek Carr From Las Vegas Raiders and Josh Allen of buffalo bills.

Then Kansas City gets the San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chargers back, Los Angeles Rams, Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos to get it through Week 14.

Stop high-quality offenses almost every week This long time We often ask from a veteran defense, not to mention a defense that will include McDuffie’s rookies, Karlavtis and possibly full-backs. Liu Chanalsafety Brian Cook And one of the two corners of the corner, Jaylene Watson And the Joshua Williams, in the main roles. And Spagnuolo may not be able to use his defensive book in full, at least early in the season.

He said, “I know we’ve talked a lot about this in terms of chart size and all that cutting in the way. In pre-season games everyone does it, right? It’s kind of vanilla. But we’ll just add a little here and there. We’ll just be careful about how much we add.” .”

Chenal and Watson received more time in training camp and pre-season continued, perhaps a sign that these two in particular are making progress. The presidents seem committed to living with the young and whatever that might bring.

“Just continuous growth every week,” said the linebacker Willy Jay When asked about the progress of many rookies. “Every day, you see guys add and go in. They know defense well. We didn’t have to slow it down for them or anything.”

The primary defense played six possessions in the pre-season, and the opposing team chased each one. Three times The Chiefs forced the bet after three plays. Pre-season results are usually not the best measure of readiness for the real season, but the Chiefs were still encouraged.

“I’ve seen a bunch of good things with us being out playing these pre-season games,” Safety Juan Thornhill He said. “We don’t get as many reps, but at the same time when we’re there, we’re making the most of each of our rep and the guys do the plays. We stop defending, so that’s always a good thing.”

Spagnuolo’s defenses have generally improved and been better late in the season. Such was the case in 2019, when the defense struggled in its first 10 games as The Chiefs led 6-4. But Chiefs have led the league in scoring defense in the last six games. The defense then helped carry The Chiefs to their first Super Bowl title in 50 seasons.

It happened again last year, when The Chiefs allowed at least 27 points in six of their first seven games and then only twice during their last 10. Kansas City surrendered more than 390 yards in each of its first six games, losing three of them. But this only happened three times during the remaining 11 matches, a period in which The Chiefs advanced 9-2.

With a very difficult schedule for the first half in 2022 and in a section full of contenders in the AFC, the president cannot start slow on defense again. They need to break this trend to keep up with the Broncos, Chargers, and Raiders in West Asia.

“The confidence is there,” Reid said, the Chiefs’ big defensive acquisition. “You look at the first two halves of the Chicago game and the Washington game. They seem close to match. First command and defense are holding up, big egg on the scoreboard, and that’s what we wanted to implement from our first teams.”

“The game plan is simple. We have to be able to execute. I think we did a good job at that. So this builds some momentum in the season. We just have to make sure we keep doing that when the matches are important.”