Gary Payton II thinks that Warriors ‘Steve Curry’ is a hell of a human being

Gary Payton II’s tenure with the Warriors was short but certainly memorable.

The lifter played ten games for Golden State in the 2020-21 season before establishing himself as a key member of the 2021-22 Warriors Championship squad.

After winning the NBA Finals in June, Payton II signed a free agent contract With the Portland Trail Blazers this summer. Join former NBA coach George Carle in theTruth and Basketball’ PodcastIn which he was asked about playing with Steve Curry and what he learned from the Warriors star during his time with the Golden State.

“Just to be a professional,” Payton said of what he learned from Carey. “He comes on, his work ethic is ridiculous and he stays alert, he is always in balance and calm, he never gets upset, he always takes the time to think about what is going on, how to solve something or whatever is going on in his life. He breaks it down, he takes Enough time to think, never in a rush and he’s just a wonderful human being all around on and off the court. You can talk to him like a normal guy off the court, talking about life, family, golf, and what he likes to do. And then on the court, he’ll lead you, he’ll be the leader that You need it, and he’ll show you an example and he’ll go racquet for you. Everywhere, (Steve) is just a hell of a human being.”

He then asked Carl Payton about the three lessons he had learned from his time with the Warriors. Unsurprisingly, he learned a lot from watching the relationships between the three Golden State superstars and the intangibles only the championship team had that had an effect on Payton.

Well, you have Stephen Curry, Draymond [Green] And Klay Thompson and now it looks like you’ve got Jordan Poole with him, he’s doing the same thing, “Payton explained…” Draymond and Steph’s chemistry is different and with Steph being able to shoot from anywhere, you really don’t know how to guard them, because you focus on ( Carrie) and Draymond cuts her off and goes to dribble to Klay or Jordan Poole.

Like go in, know what you have to do. Do your job. Come, be professional, get your work done, be ready, what we basically lived through was staying prepared last year, you didn’t know when the call was due You, so just stay prepared. The third was just will. We’ve been through a lot of ordeals, just injuries at the crucial times late in the season. Guys stepped up, just to be ready and know the part, when your number is called, just be ready. You won’t play in a while. A week or so, whatever it is, you’re going to be playing in one game for two minutes, do what you have to do to help the team. And I think we have a group of guys who realized that and sacrificed everything in that season to put the team ahead of themselves.”

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The Warriors proved once again, both physically and mentally, that they still had the heroic power they had for nearly a decade.

Payton will apply what he learned with Golden State to his new role as a major addition to the Trail Blazers rotation.

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