George McCasky gave an interesting update on Team Leader research

Ted Phillips announced that it has run for two decades as Chicago Bears The team captain will expire after the 2022 season. He will represent 40 years of service with the organisation. Nobody can tell that the guy didn’t do his job when he was making money from the McCasci family. His efforts have turned a few hundred million dollars into $5.8 billion. Having said that, many will say he left a lot of money on the table because he failed to build a consistent winner. Currently George McAskie His job is to find an alternative.

Team Leader shared some details about it during an interview with Colin Keane from Chicago Tribune. He plans to have an interview similar to the one he did when he was looking for a new general manager and coach. A research group he leads will build a list of diverse candidates and work through them until the right person is found. Among the details he shared, one stuck out more than the others.

Looks like they want someone with a business background And the football.

Beers Chairman said members of the research team, assembled to find a replacement for retired President and CEO Ted Phillips, “Not restricted to a commercial person or a football player. “

It is open to both internal and external candidates.

They will not hire or eliminate anyone based on their availability to join the team by Phillips’ retirement date of February 28.

And they might consider a candidate with no experience with a stadium project like the one that Beers is exploring in Arlington Heights, if that person can hire the right people to lead it.

So what exactly are bears looking for?

Leadership, Vision, Humility, CompatibilityMcAskie said…

… McCasky revealed another notable detail of the bears’ plans: “We don’t expect any change to the hull.”

This means McAskie does not expect the Bears to create separate heads of business and football operations. Whether it is the new president He has work and football experience, however, it is possible.

George McCasci may have listened to fans.

During many calls for Phillips’ dismissal over the past several years, constant criticism has been his lack of footballing knowledge. Having a man in charge of a football organization who has no football background is meaningless. However, this was the case with Phillips. He was a professional accountant who had not played, coached, or explored the sport prior to his arrival in Chicago. Allowing someone like this to make crucial football decisions is asking for failure.

Now it looks like George McCasky might be interested in finding someone who can bridge the gap. He obviously still wants someone with business credentials at the top of the organization, but it’s also important that they have a deeper understanding of the game itself. This would explain why Trace Armstrong is a prime candidate. He played in the NFL for a decade, then became one of the strongest agents in the league. This is the kind of hybrid that bears should be looking for.

It will be interesting to see which names appear as frontrunners in a few months from now.

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