Germany won the 2OT in the action thriller but not even rejected Lithuania’s protest at EuroBasket

Cologne, Germany (AP) – Lithuania protested unsuccessfully over its double-overtime loss to Germany at the EuroBasket on Sunday, arguing that the stewards had not awarded her a free throw following a technical error in the regulations.

The International Basketball Federation denied the protest.

That means it’s a German win – and a big win for the hosts. Franz Wagner He scored 32 points, Dennis Schroeder added 25, and Germany won 109-107 in a match that was tough all time, with neither team leading by more than nine points.

“We are not happy,” said Lithuania coach Kazis Maxvites.

The Germans were thrilled, because they are now sure that they will advance from the group stage and reach the knockout stage of the tournament.

According to the International Basketball Federation, Germany coach Jordi Herbert was called for a technical procedure with 1:26 remaining in the third quarter, after a personal foul against his team. Jonas Valanciunas made two free throws for Lithuania for a personal foul, but free throws were not counted for technical objects.

Herbert said he was told by a judge with the remaining 7 seconds on the slate that there was a “position” in terms of technical matters and what had to happen.

“It was the first time I heard about it,” Herbert said.

The International Basketball Federation said the protest was “unacceptable because the reasons for the protest were delivered outside the specified time, which is 60 minutes after the match.” But the International Basketball Federation added that the protest, even if submitted in a timely manner, would have been rejected “because the reason presented is not one of the reasons under which the protest can be made”.

Lithuania’s left winger Arnas Butkevicius – a potential match winner – bounced off the edge as the clock ran out in the second overtime period.

Modu Lo scored 21 points for Germany (3-0) and Daniel Theiss 11 added.

Valancionas scored the highest level in the match at 34 points and 14 rebounds for Lithuania (0-3), while Marius Grigounis scored 17 points, Dumantas Sabonis He finished the match with 13, Ignas Bradikis scored 12, and Mindogas Kusminskas added 11.

Lithuania’s three losses were seven, four and two points.

“It was a tough match,” said Valancionas. “They played really well. I thought we responded most of the time. … Congratulations to them.”

Valanciunas scored the final four points of the platform as Lithuania recovered from a bottom 89-85 in the last 42 seconds. Schroeder missed a jump back at the fourth bell, and Wagner missed the first overtime.

But in the second half, the Germans scored the first five points and were never behind. Valancionas was replaced with a time of 2:29 on the left, Lo advanced by three pointers after 17 seconds to lead 106-102 and Germany clung on.

“At the top, after all, I think it’s definitely a sign of our character and our collaboration as a team,” Lu said.

group b

Bosnia and Herzegovina 97 Slovenia 93

Also in Cologne, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2-1) surprised Luka Doncic and defending European basketball champion Slovenia (2-1) behind 23 points from John Roberson and 22 from Dznan Musa.

Miralem Halilovic scored 13 goals, while Yusuf Nurkic and Edin Atek scored 12 goals each.

Doncic scored 18 points, eight rebounds and eight assists for Slovenia, but he went 0 to 8 from a range of 3 points. Vlatko Kankar led Slovenia with 22 points, Goran Dragic added 20 points, Klimen Pribilic 12 points and Mike Tobi 11 points.

France 78, Hungary 74

Gershon Yabusli scored 17 points, and France (2-1) missed a 15-point lead before falling behind to defeat Hungary (1-2).

Adam Hanga had a 3-pointer with a 1:04 left over Hungary in a 74-72 run. Hungary stopped at the next France possession and netted what would have been their first lead, but David Vojvoda’s three-point effort bounced off the edge with 23 seconds left.

Rudy Gobert scored 15 points, Evan Fournier 12 and . added Vincent Poirier He had 10 for France.

Hanga scored 18 for Hungary, and Michael Hopkins added 10 goals.

Group A

Belgium 83, Spain 73

In Tbilisi, Georgia, Manu Lecomte scored 20 points and Belgium ended the match in a 12-0 draw, surprising Spain.

And Pierre-Antoine Gillet scored 14 points for Belgium (2-1), which got 11 from Retin Obasuhan and 10 from Ismail Baku.

Willie Hernangómez He scored 18 goals for Spain (2-1), while Juancho Hernangomes and Lorenzo Brown scored 11 each.

Montenegro 91 – Bulgaria 81

Vladimir Mihajlovic scored 23 points, while Montenegro (2-1) finished the match 18-6 to beat Bulgaria (0-3).

Igor Drobnik and Bojan Doblevic scored 17 points each for Montenegro, Nemanja Radovich added 16 points and Kendrick Perry 12 points.

Alexander Vyzhinkov led all scorers with 26 goals for Bulgaria, which led 75-73 in the fourth, before missing eight of the last 10 shots. Andrey Ivanov finished with 17, and Shavdar Kostov added 10 shots for Bulgaria, who tried 64 shots in the match – 40 of them from a 3-point range.

88 Georgia, Turkey 83, 2 u

The host nation rebounded in the first set after their early 10-point deficit and handed Turkey (2-1) their first loss, although there was more controversy after the match.

Turkey claimed that one of its players – local media said it was so Furkan Korkmaz – I got into an argument in the locker room after the match. It was not clear who was involved in the incident.

Turkey assistant coach Hakan Demir said his national federation wanted to review the security footage. Turkey was also upset that 22 seconds went off the clock during a court fight in the fourth quarter between Korkmaz and Georgia’s Duda Sanadze.

“We will watch the cameras,” Demir said. “This kind of thing, unfortunately, is a huge disappointment. We’re here to play basketball. … On the court, Georgia won the game. We congratulate them. It’s not a problem. We lost in two extra times. It doesn’t matter.”

Both Korkmaz and Sanadze were expelled.

Alexander Mamokilashvili scored 20 points and 12 rebounds for Georgia (1-2), while Thados McFadden scored 17 points, and Rati Andronikashvili and Georgi Shermadini each scored 15 points and Sanadze added 13 points.

Alperin Sengon led Turkey with 21 points in his 10 out of 14 shot. Sertak Sanli scored 15, Sir Othman He added 14, and Malik Mahmudoglu scored 11. Shane Larkin finished with nine points, eight rebounds, seven assists and five lightning balls.

Turkey’s loss created a four-way draw with Montenegro, Spain and Belgium joining Group A tops. The top four teams in each group qualify for the knockout stage.