Giannis Antetokounmou scored 41 goals for Greece in the star-studded EuroBasket on Tuesday

MILAN – The stars made a big splash at the EuroBasket on Tuesday.

Giannis Antikonmo He scored 41 points in 27 minutes for Greece, Luka Doncic scored 36 for Slovenia and two-time NBA Player of the Year Nikola Djokic scored 29 points for Serbia – three of the world’s best players lead their teams to major group stage victories in Europe. tournaments.

There’s another group stage game left for each of them, and then you wait for a trip to Berlin as Greece, Slovenia and Serbia all snatched them all out in the 16-team knockout round that begins on Saturday.

Antetokounmpo’s points total was the largest in a EuroBasket match since Dirk Nowitzki had 43 for Germany in 2001. When he heard that statistic, all Antetokounmpo did was nod.

“I try not to rate my performance,” Antetokonmo said. “I just try to get out there and have fun as much as possible, try to focus as much as I can on what I can control, and try to bring the energy in whatever way I can. … But I will say this: I think this is one of the years I am really excited to get out on the field and play. With my teammates.”

Just as Antetokounmpo did, Doncic also split the credit after the match. Doncic responded by saying that Germany’s reaction after the match was “Luka Doncic happened”.

“The whole team was ready,” Doncic said. “Everyone who came onto the field was squabbling, whether they played one minute or 30. I’m really proud of this team.”

Doncic was asked after the match if he or Antetokonmo would be in a better position to break the goal-scoring record in a single European Basketball Championship match.

Doncic did not hesitate in his answer: he chose Antetokounmpo.

“I’ll bet Giannis,” Doncic said. “Why? Because it’s Giannis Antikonmo.”

group c

Greece 99, Ukraine 79

In Milan, Antetokounmpo simply beat Ukraine and ensured that Greece would finish at the top of their group.

Antetokounmue, who was rested on Monday, had 41 points and nine rebounds in just 27 minutes to lead Greece (4-0).

He was 13 for 18 off the ground, 15 for 18 off the error streak.

“The preparation of the team was very easy because it is very clear what Greece do when Giannis is there,” Ukraine coach Enars Bagatskis said. “They play really aggressive basketball. And if you don’t put the same aggressiveness against them, or even higher aggressiveness, you’re going to have big problems.”

Nick Calathis and Tyler Dorsey Each had 13 pieces for Greece.

Isov Sanon and Svi Mikhailuk scored 16 goals for Ukraine (3-1), while Alex Lynn Ilya Sidorov added 10 each. Ukraine led by seven in the first half, before Greece won in the third quarter 32-11.

94- United Arab Emirates 62

Henry Drel scored 20 points, and Sim Sander Finn added 18, and Estonia had no problem on the way to its first victory in the tournament.

Mike Calif Kotsar scored 15, Christian Kitsing added 14, and Yanari Guisar finished 11 goals for Estonia (1-3).

Miles Hesson scored 14 goals for Great Britain (0-4), and Karl Witty and Patrick Whelan scored 12 each.

Italy 81, Croatia 76

Simon Fontechio And Niccolo Meli scored 19 points to lead Italy (2-2).

Bojan Bogdanovic led Croatia (2-2) with 27 points, while he advanced Ivica Zubak He scored 13 and Dario Sarek added 10.

Both teams go to the knockout stage.

group b

Slovenia 88, Germany 80

In Cologne, Germany, Doncic scored 36 points to make 14 from 25 shots. He also got 10 rebounds for Slovenia (3-1).

Goran Dragic scored 18 points, and Mike Toby added 10 points for Slovenia.

“We showed what we made,” said Dragic.

Dennis Schroeder scored 19 points, Andreas Obst 14, and Modu Lo 13 added for Germany (3-1).

87- Hungary .64

Lithuanian basketball is known for many things, including ardent fans.

They go everywhere to cheer for their national team. And on Tuesday, they even cheered for France—and for good reason.

Lithuania topped Hungary, and that, combined with France’s win over Bosnia and Herzegovina, meant the last place in Group B qualifying was unclaimed. It will be decided on Wednesday when Lithuania plays Bosnia and Herzegovina, the winner moves to Berlin and the last 16 match, the loser headed home.

France goalkeeper “Lithuanian fans are the best” Evan Fournier He said.

Had France lost on Tuesday, Lithuania would have been eliminated. Instead, these Lithuanian fans sang the French with cries of “Merci!” To keep the hopes of their national team alive.

“It’s a great feeling,” said Lithuania striker Dumatas Sabonis. “They travel to every tournament to support us. It’s sad we couldn’t give them a win over the weekend, but we’re glad we could give them a win today and the goal is to give them another win tomorrow.”

Jonas Valanciunas scored 21 points with a 10 out of 13 shot, and Sabonis added 19 points for Lithuania (1-3).

Marius Grigounis scored 15 points, and Rokas Jokobaitis added 10 points for Lithuania. Zoltan Perl scored 16 for Hungary (0-4), while David Vojvoda and Roscoe Allen finished 10 goals.

France 81, Bosnia and Herzegovina 68

Thomas Huertel set 3-pointers with a left 5:49 France lead to stay and started at the end of the match 22-7 for the winners, who were already assured of a place in the round of 16.

Gershon Yabousel scored 15 for France (3-1), while Hortel and Fournier scored 14 and Rudy Gobert A performance record of 11 points and 12 rebounds.

Yusuf Nurkic, Miralem Halilovic and Dznan Musa scored 14 for Bosnia and Herzegovina (2-2), while John Roberson scored 13, and Eden Atic finished 10.

Group A

Turkey 78, Belgium 63

In Tbilisi, Georgia, Alperin Sengon scored 24 points, Furkan Korkmaz It was 16 and Turkey (3-1) remained at the top of Group A.

Erkan Osmani added 12 for Turkey.

Haris Bratanovic scored 15 goals for Belgium (2-2) and Hans Vanuyen 11 goals.

82- Montenegro 65

Spain (3-1) finished in the round of 16, with Dario Brizuela leading with 18 points.

Willie Hernangómez He scored 14 goals for Spain, while Jaime Pradella and Lorenzo Brown added 12 goals each.

Vladimir Mihajlovic scored 18 for Montenegro (2-2), including 11 from Marko Simonovic and 10 from Kendrick Berry.

Bulgaria 92 – Georgia 80

De Post scored 33 points and 12 assists, Alexander Vyzhinkov finished with 28 points and 14 rebounds, and Bulgaria kept their hopes alive.

Pavlin Ivanov scored 17 for Bulgaria (1-3).

Goga Petads Georgia scored 21 (1-3), while Tadus McFadden scored 19, Alexander Mamukilashvili scored 13, Georgi Shermadini and Duda Sanadze each scored 10 goals.

group d

Serbia 89, Israel 78

In Prague, Jokic was 11 of 13 from the ground and also got 11 rebounds for Serbia (4-0), while Vasilije Micic added 19.

Nikola Kalinic and Ojengin Jaramaz each scored 10 goals for Serbia.

Yam Madar And scored 20 for Israel (2-2) while Denny Avdega He got 14 and Roman Sorkin added 11.

Poland 75, Netherlands 69

Poland fell by 13 in the third quarter before closing the match at 39-20 to cope with their appearance in the playoffs.

Michal Sokolowsky scored 24 goals for Poland (3-1), which got 16 from Aleksander Balcerowski and 10 from Jakub Garbach.

Charlon Clough led the Netherlands (0-4) with 26, and Yannick Frank scored 13 goals.

98- Finland 88

Laurie Markanen He continued his strong championship with 34 points and 10 rebounds, and Finland secured their spot in the Round of 16.

Sassou Salyn scored 23 goals, Petteri Koponen added 14 goals for Finland, and Elias Valtonen scored 11 goals.

Vojtech Hroban scored 22 goals for the Czech Republic, Jan Wesley added 15 and Patrik Oda and Jaromir Pohacek scored 13 each. The Czechs play Israel on Thursday, and according to the International Basketball Federation, they may reach the knockout stage with a victory.