Giants Kaifun Tebodo talks about the injury with question about the first week

Kayvon Thibodeaux did not use his injured right leg to kick Thaddeus Moss during his touchdown.

While speaking to reporters for the first time since a cut of Moss that ended a pre-Tebodo start and left him with a sprained knee on August 21, the rookie rider for the Giants was asked if he thought the Bengals’ tight end had made a sloppy play – As hotly discussed in NFL circles.

“I try not to think about the past,” Tebodo said, adding that he spoke with Moss afterward. “I’m not really worried about that. We’re trying to move on, trying to get better. Make sure you play with good technique. It’s football – 100 per cent injury rate.”

Thibodeaux was a limited participant in one-on-one drills during Tuesday’s practice, falling back and working on hand-to-hand combat with injured teammate Aziz Ogolari. Moss, son of Hall of Famer Randy Moss, was cut down on Monday by the Bengals.

The availability of Thibodeaux on Sunday against the Titans still looks like a long shot, especially if the Giants erred on the side of caution to develop a first-round pick.

The injured Giants defender Kayfon Tebodo stopped training on Tuesday.
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“Right now it’s getting day in and day out — it could go either way. We’re just waiting to see where he is when the time comes,” Tibodaux said. “I’m doing a much better job — ongoing rehab. I just have to be able to practice. If you’re not exercising, you’re not playing.”

As Thibodeaux lay on the lawn, Worst-case fears of anterior cruciate ligament rupture have emerged. But he walked unaided by a nearby cart.

“I sat there, I was in pain for a minute, but [God] “It gave me strength to get up and out of it,” said Tibodeaux. “I wouldn’t sound crazy. I should go out like ji”

Within minutes of the initial horror, Tibodo got an initial diagnosis that provided peace of mind and was flirting with his mates on the sidelines, making a shocking, open-mouthed face that became a viral meme.

“That wasn’t really a sigh [of relief]. My knee hurt – don’t get me wrong. But things happen. Tibodo said before explaining what he was saying to his colleagues at that moment. “I saw him. He saw him. Next thing I know I closed his eyes with him and he hurt me.”

If Thibodeaux and Ojulari get out, the Giants will turn to Oshane Ximines and the Jihad Ward as a start to the outside players.

“We’re both pressed to come back because we both love sports,” said Tibodaux. “But this is the NFL. We have a room full of guys who can get the job done. We support them and do everything we can to get better.”

Kayvon Thibodeau
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WR Darius Slayton has been excused from training, according to the team. The captain was listed twice in receiving yards (2019-20) as the seventh receiver – only the third team player – on the unofficial depth chart.

The ILB season one depth chart included Austin Calitro (whose last start was in 2019) as a start next to Tae Crowder in base defense, and he filled in the spot that opened with the surprise release of Blake Martinez.

Ben Brydison is listed as the left starting guard, instead of the injured Shane Lemieux.

For these two positions, head coach Brian Dabol said he has a good idea of ​​who will be the starter, but wants a week’s worth of competition.

The WR CJ Board – which has had 15 catches, three rebounds and 13 kick-offs over the past two seasons with the Giants – has been fired from the coaching squad.