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Darius Slayton relieved of training for the Giants on Tuesday | ProFootballTalk

Wide receiver Dariusz Slayton wasn’t sure he’d cut the number down to 53 with the Giants last week, but he ended up turning around as the Giants made other moves to reach the limit on the roster.

This makes it notable that Slayton was relieved of training on Tuesday – the Giants did the same with veteran full back Blake Martinez prior to his release last week.

Giants Week 1 Unofficial Depth Chart: Austin Calletro Replaces Blake Martinez | Big Blue View

The New York Giants’ first (unofficial) depth chart has been discontinued for the 2022 NFL season, and there are some interesting twists and turns. Most notable is quarterback Austin Calletro who plays as an inside fullback, which is where Blake Martinez belonged until a few days ago.

Ben Bradison was initially listed as a left-back. This may be the case, or it may not be. Sunday novice vs Tennessee Titans It could be any Bredeson, Josh Ezeudu, Jack Anderson, Tire Phillips, or Devery Hamilton. We’ll see on Sunday afternoon.

Giants restructure Leonard Williams contract and get cap below 2022 salaries | Big Blue View

With Williams making $27.3 million this season and $26.3 million next season, that always seemed to be the most necessary move for GM Joe Schoen. The giants are turning $17.88 million of Williams’ base salary, which is $19 million in 2022, into a signing bonus. They’re also adding a blank year, which will be 2024. The math has generated $11.92 million in cover space.

Williams’ updated cap results were $15.4 million in 2022, $32.3 million in 2023 and $6 million (a void year) in 2024.

Giants’ salary cap issues must be fixed before they take a step forward: Joe Schoen has the right plan, according to Cap Whiz –

Joe Banner, a top salaryman during his tenure Philadelphia Eagles The president, believes the New York Giants have taken the first step to reversing his fortune by firing general manager Dave Gittleman. So what did the success of the giants look like in the first year of the Schwinn-Dabul era?

“They made the right decision to create a new team of leaders,” Banner said. “I want to see that my coach has the kind of management skills and leadership skills that I thought he had and that he has hired and managed a good team that can help me develop the players. And I want to see a general manager who has enough confidence to take that step back in order to take a big step.” Very forward and I want to see young players who can be part of a really good team by Year 3. I don’t care how many games they have won. If I see these three things I am very optimistic and hopeful and I think they will be ready to take a good step forward in Year 2. And a huge step forward in the third year.”

Daniel Jones supports working with the new coaching staff

With no plays to call, Brian Dabol “trying my best to help the players” Big Blue View

After three pre-season games, BBV’s Ed Valentine writes that Daboll has learned his match-day preparation is different than he had as coordinator.

“When you call the plays, it’s just a different way of thinking. When you call the play and you have your calling sheet and you make a lot of different play calls,” Daboll said, “I go through a lot of different situations and timeouts and challenges and when I go in fourth, I just review The things I have to do well before the game. The difference when calling plays is that there are a thousand things going on in your head the night before and usually during a match. So, it’s different.”

Roof and floor for all 32 NFL teams |

This year’s Giants cap is 6-11. The Giants are set to do poorly in 2022, thanks to terrible roster building by former general manager Dave Gettleman – who left them in the hell of a salary cap. Daniel Jones is a lame duck quarterback and it looks like I’ll have Barkley on his way out after the year – no matter how well he does.

New York is thin on wide reception and narrow end, the former brimming with bloated contracts and minimal output. There is hope that the Giants will head in the right direction with a better offensive line and a defensive line that includes Aziz Ogolari and Kevin Tibodou. The Giants have begun rebuilding in the trenches, which is an excellent start to get around the concession.

New York Giants 2022 Preview: Win Over/Under | Team 33

The basis for betting over seven wins against the Giants is based on their highly manageable schedule. When you look at their opponents list, you’ll see these teams with a total of 500 minor wins: Carolina, Chicago, Jacksonville, Seattle, Houston, and Detroit. For eagles or cowboys, this is a huge advantage. As for the giants, I don’t think anyone is easy to come up with. I have the Giants at the same level as some of those teams, while I was worse than at least one team.

NFC East Guide: Predictions and Predictions for Eagles, Cowboys, Giants and Leaders | FOX Sports

FOX’s Ralph Facciano ranked the Giants 6-11, and last place in the NFC East.

“The Giants don’t have a demanding schedule, so there is an opportunity for them to be humble with a bit of improvement in some key areas,” Vacciano wrote. Obviously, a lot of that depends on health, but a lot of it depends on Jones, too. If the quarterback is the franchise they hope to be, the Giants can be contenders. If not, they will fall behind in the 2023 draft too soon. But the ceiling for this group looks like 0.500. And that’s only if all goes well. With giants, that rarely happens.”

Another national reporter is expecting big things from RB Saquon Barkley this year

Daniel Jones, Kadarius Tony and 6 other Giants enter seasons to prove it | the athlete

The Giants have eight key players who either play in the final year of their contracts or whose contracts can be transferred after the season: QB Daniel Jones, RB Saquon Barkley, WRs Sterling Shepard, Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, DL Leonard Williams, CB Adoree’ Jackson and S Julian Love.

The NFL team reviews 2022 | ESPN

The Giants are ranked 28th to start the season. ESPN’s Jordan Raanan believes this is Daniel Jones’ last chance to prove to the Giants that he is their midfield. The new system had already rejected his option in Year 5, which meant Jones became a free agent at the end of the season. He has to prove on the field that he can be a consistent and progressive player. He hasn’t done that yet. No more excuses.

SB Nation Giants Feedback Survey: Week 1

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a fan survey across the NFL. Throughout the year, we ask questions to the people most connected to electricity New York Giants Fans and fans all over the country. Register here to participate.

Discount this week

The roof of Tennessee will be the kings of South Asia |

The cap of Tennessee governs Southern Asia with a number 11-6. Derek Henry’s return to full health is a huge deal for the Titans, especially with AJ Brown’s loss in the holiday season significantly hurting their on-court pass match. Ryan Tanehill could still spark an attack with Robert Woods as game director, but the Titans’ success runs through Henry.

Losing Harold Landry is critical to a defense built after the quarterback, which could cost the division’s Titans. Tennessee still has Jeffrey Simmons and an underachiever who can keep teams under 25 points, but will the Giants be able to keep up with the opponents? Henry could carry Tennessee to a weak league title in South Asia. He must play all 17 matches.

Giants coach Brian Daboll pays tribute to King Henry

Titans bear the names of the leaders of 2022 | Music City Miracles

QB Ryan Tannehill is coming off the worst match of his career. He must be a crime leader. This indicates that along with C Ben Jones and RB Derrick Henry both are very important for the attack.

The Titans’ two best defensive players – DE Jeffery Simmons and S Kevin Byard – were named captains as well. Bayard has been the leader of this high school for a few years now. Simmons has evolved into a Defensive Front Commander as well. The Giants need to get an extended contract with him.

LB Olan Adeniyi is a fantastic special teams player and there will be a need to contribute more to defense this year as Harold Landry goes down with a torn ACL.

Josh Gordon knows there are no promises | ProFootballTalk

Gordon said he thinks it “may surprise a few people.”

“I’m excited for another chance, man,” Gordon said. “Being in the NFL, it’s a blessing. I’m enjoying my time here and looking forward to contributing… and preparing and making sure I’m there if the coach needs me. I appreciate the opportunity I’ve had here and hope to go out there and prove that I deserve to be a contributor to the team.” “.

About the league

Mike Tomlin confirms that Mitch Trubesky has started to found the Pittsburgh Steelers QB | ESPN

Head coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that Mitch Trubesky will start quarterback with the Steelers in their Week 1 game in Cincinnati, confirming what has long been the dubious result of the off-season quarterback.

“We are really comfortable with what Mitch has shown us,” Tomlin said. “He’s a guy who’s come to us with quarterback experience. He’s comfortable in this boot. He’s been the focal point of the football team, in the organization before. He’s done that. Like I mentioned, when we acquired him he took the Bears to the playoffs two years out of the way. Four years, he has a winning record as a starting player, and those things were attractive to us.

Patriots signs previous first-round selection draft |

The Patriots sign Lacon Treadwell to their coaching team. Back in 2016, Vikings Treadwell made the 23rd overall pick in NFL Projectbut only finished four seasons in Minnesota.

Thanks to the addition of Treadwell, the Patriots now have three first-round wide receivers on their team. The other two are DeVante Parker (the fourteenth general selection by dolphins in 2015) and Nelson Agulor (20th overall pick by Eagles in 2015).

Bucs QB Tom Brady on O-line: “I hope they take all the things people have said about them seriously” |

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers The quarterback is now force-feeding this stimulus to his new offensive line. On Monday, Brady said in the first episode of season two of SiriusXM’s Let’s go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray He uses all the negative questions about the O line to feed his teammates.

“I showed it to them and used it as motivation,” Brady said. “Every time someone says he’s obnoxious, and he can’t do anything, I tried to show it to them. And I say, ‘That’s what they all say about you.'” What do you guys think? what do you think? will you do about it? And make sure they know what everyone is saying. I think this is important. I guess I’ve always used slightly different antics as my motivation. And I’m a really excited person. But it always comes in handy when someone says something unpleasant. “

The Eagles put Andre Dillard in the injured reserve | ProFootballTalk

The Eagles will officially remain without offensive reserve Andre Dillard for at least four weeks as the team put Dillard in the injured reserve on Tuesday.

Dillard suffered a broken forearm in practice last week and was due to have surgery on Tuesday. With the new rules for 2022, Dillard can return to the 53-man roster after four weeks in the IR.

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