Golden State Warriors: James Wiseman changes everything

After you’re out of the NBA, you wouldn’t think that Golden State Warriors Could it get better right? Well, that’s not necessarily true because quarterback James Wiseman will be making his highly anticipated comeback this season.

The Warriors only had one weak point during the playoffs, whether it was against the Denver Nuggets in the first round, or the Boston Celtics in the Finals, they didn’t really have an effective defense after Kevin Looney wasn’t in the paint.

James Wiseman’s height and ability to shoot, jump and run make him a major addition to the Golden State Warriors team despite his limited experience.

That changes with James Wiseman returning to the basketball court this year, especially since he put Ten to fifteen pounds of muscle mass During his nearly two years off season.

In his rookie season, Wiseman put in a decent place 11.5 points and 5.8 rebounds per game Plus a block for each competition too.

Those numbers aren’t bad, especially for a novice who doesn’t have a specific role and was expected to help the Warriors win matches right away due to the availability of his Hall of Fame teammates and coach.

Wiseman’s role is likely to be more defined now as he easily returns to the squad as a much smarter and stronger player than he was as a rookie.

He would be used as JaVale McGee during the Kevin Durant years but he is much better and more confident on the ball and taking the threes.

This will change the dynamic of the warriors in the same way that DeMarcus Cousins ​​did in Play 30 matches, 38 if you include their final round. They only lost 12 games with him on the ground, although the entire team has been plagued with injuries all season.

Boogie Cousins ​​allowed Warriors not to be forced to decide between a shot and a rebound because he could do both, while JaVale McGee, Zaza Pachulia and Kevon Looney could only bounce close to the basket.

James Wiseman would have much of the same effect, spacing the floor while also being able to get on boards and be a lob threat to Stephen Curry and Draymond Green in different combinations.

Wiseman also has a deep bag in the position who has a variety of moves to help him gain space, and mix that with a potential fade-out we’ve seen glimpses in the Summer League and he might have a season this year.

The young senior may come off the bench for the majority of the season behind Kevin Looney who performed well in last year’s playoffs, but his ability to play hard in the paint will allow the Warriors not to feel the loss of Looney seated. As bad as they did last season.

Learning Andrew Wiggins how to recoil would also reduce the burden James Wiseman would need to take on the Warriors as his average 7.5 rebounds per game in 22 matchesincluding a brutal performance against the Dallas Mavericks.

The Golden State Warriors should be the favorites to win the NBA Finals by adding James Wiseman. The man’s hefty height and cross athleticism with his skill make him a legitimate threat to opposing positions who would otherwise be able to bully smaller warriors.