Gut Sense: Predictions of Cowboys-Bengals Staff

The Cowboys couldn’t have started the 2022 season worse – they lost to the Bucs at home 19-3, failed to score a touchdown and didn’t even make a trip to the red. Furthermore, the key midfielder has been missing for several weeks and a few other key players as well.

But just like they were last year, the Cowboys are still only 0-1, just like the Bengals, who lost their home overtime match to the Steelers.

Given that both teams single-handedly hold last place in their league, this would be a big game to avoid starting the season 0-2.

The staff gives their “gut feel” to the week two match between the Bengals and the Cowboys.

Rob Phillips: On Friday on The Fan, Jerry Jones talked about looking inside when it comes to adjusting without Dak Prescott for a few weeks. This isn’t just Cooper Rush getting in the middle. It’s about everyone raising their level of play, and I expect that to happen. On Sunday, the defense will have the best player on the field, Micah Parsons, and if they can limit Bock’s attack they could make life difficult for the Bengals as well. Rush showed that he can trigger the attack and win the start. But given the injuries up front at the moment, I think experience and continuity will beat the Bengals on Sunday, 24-20.

Patrick Walker: One of these two teams will start the 2022 season with a 0-2 record, excluding a tie, but neither of them can afford it. With the Bengals out of a Super Bowl appearance and a record-setting season on the offensive, the question of the potential for Super Bowl hangovers is now in play, while the Cowboys have the unpleasant task of trying to figure out how to dodge an iceberg with Duck Prescott sidelined for several Weeks – Pushing Cooper Rush into the role of QB1, Guru & Co. could be a killer, but Micah Parsons, Cowboys defense and the Steelers could have shown that the Bengal offensive could be covered up. However, I’ll resist the trend and take the angry lion over a caged tiger in this one, because all Rush has to do is avoid the swings and reward his defense whenever he gets the chance and he’ll open some eyes this weekend. 24-20, cowboy

Nick Itman: I’m not sure someone could be as wrong as I was last week. I think everyone here picked the Cowboys to beat the Bucs, but it’s doubtful anyone would have gotten them to dominate the game as I did. Well, that was a big miss. Let’s see if I can get a better read of this team this week. While I strongly believe there is always a big difference from week one to week two and we shouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys play much better, it’s hard to see a win this week. It’s not a jsut game because of playing Cooper Rush, but the offensive line is getting younger every week. And then on defense, losing Jayron Kearse should be a huge blow, especially if you’re talking about guys like Markquese Bell and/or Israel Mukuamu replacing that spot. Neither of them fit until last week. Not to mention that this Bengals offense is more explosive than Bucs. I think the Cowboys will play better overall, but I’m not sure it will be enough. I’ve got Bengals 23-14.

Kyle YeomansThere are many factors that led to last week’s loss, and a lot will go on in this week’s game with Cincinnati. Playing an offensive line, performing a quarterback, separating wide receivers, defending facing an explosive attack, to name a few. There is a legitimate chance that Dallas will play better in Week Two, based on how poorly they played on the offensive side of football in Week One. However, with a grumpy Cincinnati group, and a backup quarterback in Copper Rush, the Cowboys will do just that. Be restricted to that side of the ball again this time. The match will be close because the defense will keep it close. But the Bengals will have plenty of firepower late in the 27-23 win at AT&T Stadium.

Spanish Mickey: Not only do I think this is going to happen, but the Cowboys desperately need it to happen given their severe offensive flaws, but the defense should show some teeth in this game against the Cincinnati attack. This includes doing a better job of stopping running. This will be a huge match for the defensive Cowboys to end DeMarcus Lawrence against the offensive tackles of the Bengals, La’el Collins and Jonah Williams. The Bengals might focus on Micah Parsons, who had two bags in the opening. But if they do and leave Lawrence completely intact in a bunch of singles situations, he will have the potential to wreck their running game and then make life miserable for quarterback Joe Burrow, as he has collected several sacks for the first time since 2018 when he scored 1½ sacks against Atlanta And matching his career high in a single game of three sacks against Detroit.