Handled NBA Draft Turned to Gold: Jayson Tatum, and More

David Butler II – USA Today Sports

It saw two deals, one that happened years before the 2017 draft Jason Tatum He eventually moved to No. 3 overall to the Celtics.

Originally, the selection was to belong to the Sacramento Kings. However, during the 2015 offseason, in a move that can only be described as asinine (or crazy), Sacramento agreed to trade Nick Stuskas (He came out of an uninspiring rookie season that saw him average 4.4 points) and Veterans Karl Landry And the Jason Thompsonalong with the 2019 first-round pick and first-round swaps in 2016 and 2017 to the Philadelphia 76ers.

What did the Kings get for all that juicy draft money?

rights project for Arturas Goditis And the Luka Mitrovic.

Neither player has played a minute of basketball in the NBA so far.

And why did they do that?

to achieve success in free agency that year by extricating themselves from Landry and Thompson’s exorbitant salaries. By huge amounts, we mean the former owed $6.5 million and the latter $6.4 million the following season. Landry had another year on his deal after that (worth another $6.5 million) but Thompson’s deal wasn’t guaranteed after that campaign.

Kings of Kings ended up landing one of the hottest free agent targets that year Rajon Rondo, who played one season with the club and gave an impressive performance, averaging 11.9 points and making 11.7 assists. But the team lasted 33-49 and missed the playoffs.

So, Sacramento traded three very valuable assets for a year from Rondo, which he lost a year later to the Bulls anyway after refusing to pay what Chicago was offering him.

It’s not hard to see why Vlad Divac He no longer calls the shots there.

Regardless, the draft that became Tatum would be traded again, this time to Celtics by the Sixers. That deal was popularized by the two rivals, one that was supposed to help Philadelphia get the final part of The Process and turn the franchise into two contenders.

The 76ers traded for third with Boston, along with the 2018 first-round pick they got from the Lakers if This choice fell between the second and fifth places. When that didn’t happen, the Celtics’ pick from The Sixers became the 14th pick in the 2019 draft, a selection originally owned by the Kings. This will be the choice Romeo Langfordso a somewhat inconsequential loss for the 76ers (and the Kings, for that matter).

In contrast, Philadelphia took the #1 pick and used it at the highest unanimous level on the board that year, Markel Fultz.

In fact, the Sixers became somewhat unlucky there, as this trade could have turned into gold for them if Fultz had developed into the player many saw in college, a three-tier scorer and playmaker with the height and physique who could defend, very. Fultz, along with Ben Simmons And the Joel Embiidwas supposed to form an elite of the 3 young men in Philadelphia.

Instead, he’s now a member of the Orlando Magic team after sustaining a knee injury, and Tatum, a player who would have gotten along with 76 players had they kept their pick, was one of the league’s top players.

The Tatum-Embiid tandem doesn’t sound half bad in hindsight, does it?