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The teams that scored the highest

1. Kansas City Chiefs: 479 points

He tops this category for the fourth consecutive season. In 2019, they were expected to have 469 points and a record of 451., Mahomes throws passes (mostly to Travis Kelsey) and it’s Reid who makes the decisions. This is promising.

Roof and floor for all 32 NFL teams: Bills, Chiefs, Bengals, Bucks, Packers looking to weed out the Rams | CBS Sports

Kansas City Chiefs (Record 2021: 12-5)

roof: 13-4 win Energy

The Chiefs have Andy Reed as head coach and Patrick Mahomes in the middle. They won 12 matches and advanced to the Conference Championship every year the pair were together. Why can’t The Chiefs beat this duo in the AFC?

Trek Hill’s loss is a big one, but the Chiefs is deeper in wide reception than last year with Joe Joe Smith-Schuster, Marquis Valdes-Scantling, Mikol Hardman and Skye Moore. They also have Travis Kelsey on the tight end—in case fans have forgotten. The offensive line is in the top 10 as well. Kansas City will score.

The defense also improved with the assistance of George Karlavtes, Frank Clark and Chris Jones – who returned to the defensive intervention. Nick Bolton is a rising star and Trent McDuffy has a lot of potential at right back. It looks like this unit is ready to give crime short fields by creating twists.

Bosses are talented again. Seeing them play in February wouldn’t be a surprise.

floor: 10-7, lose in the division round

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The Chiefs may have found a long-term player to play against Frank Clarke this year at Karlavtis. He’s made quite a stir over the past couple of weeks with his sack in back-to-back games. Kansas City has signed defensive end Carlos Dunlap, but the 13-year-old veteran could see fewer surprises as his rookie workload increases during the season.

Leo Chenal has only played two exhibition matches but leads the Chiefs in competitions with 10. He will wrap around a promising young full-back team with Nick Bolton and Willie Jay at the top.

The Chiefs’ pass-capturing group features a wide, deep receiver, so Moore isn’t under tremendous pressure to contribute right away. He only had three passes for 23 yards in pre-season and may need a few weeks to adjust at a pro level.

As a seventh round out RutgersPacheco made the 53-man roster and could play a decent role. He demonstrated his game-making ability with a 66-yard dash led by the team in 16 coaches with three receptions for 21 yards and three kickbacks for 77 yards.

Kansas City should see solid production from this group on both sides of the ball.

Grade: A

Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Aaron Rodgers; Top 10 NFL Quarterback Players in 2022 | Sky Sports

2) Patrick Mahomes – Mayors of Kansas City

Sims: “He’s already the first Hall-of-Famer pollster, and for me, one of the game’s greats — he’s really there.

“He’s the coolest quarterback in the NFL, and probably the most fun to watch. His creativity and way of playing are unlike anyone else in the sport. You can watch his 10 consecutive throws and he wouldn’t throw the same way – his side arm flick, across his body, left hand, and legs Everywhere… but it doesn’t matter.

“And when you have Mahomes, you can go down through a descent with only 4.2 seconds left on the clock, yet still feel like you have a chance. It’s Mahomes.”

College presidents players celebrate the return of college football | wire heads

LB Elijah Lee

Lee was excited about his opening play Wildcats. Kansas State WR Malik Knowles took a 75-yard sweep jet to land to start the game.

WR Mikol Hardman

Mikol Hardman actually went to the Oregon-Georgia game, standing on the sidelines with Quavo, D’Andre Swift, Richard LeCounte and John Fitzpatrick before the match. It also seems to have brought with him the spirit of Kansas City.

About the NFL

Rams’ Cooper Kupp still looks to improve: ‘The name of the game is getting bigger, stronger and faster’

joining Rich Eisen Show On Friday, Kupp provided some details about what he’s looking to improve in order to maintain this exceptional success.

“It’s really simple. The name of the game is bigger, stronger, faster than I was the year before, and then all the things that you can do cognitively to be able to slow down the game.” Rich Eisen Show Friday. “I feel like that’s a big thing that I’ve built over the last few months is being able to get to that place where the game keeps slowing down and you’re able to play the quiet mind.

“There are little things, little details here and there within our attack that you want to improve; the angles off the line, the way you read, understanding where players fit in at the second level, then the running game, being able to take corners off the line of scrimmage to cut guys appropriately; you know on how players play certain moves and run based on moves from the front.All those little things are just the nitty-gritty details that you see there as you play longer and feel better.At the end of the day, being a better footballer than you were last year.Reach To this place and understand it’s not about production. It’s not about what the newspaper says at the end of the day, it’s what the movie says. And I want to take a look at the movie and say I was a better footballer than I was in 2021.”

The Bills have some good news ahead of the season opener

Source says Jalen Thompson’s extension with the Arizona Cardinals includes $24.5 million guaranteed ESPN

The Arizona Cardinals extended Jalen Thompson’s safety on Friday, giving the previous supplemental draft pick a long-term deal that would keep him under contract through the 2025 season.

His new deal is worth $40 million, including a guaranteed $24.5 million and a $10 million signing bonus, a source told ESPN Jeremy Fowler.

Thompson, who was left out of Washington State In the 2019 Supplementary Draft, he started 25 of the 37 games he played over the past three seasons. It has become an essential part of Cardinals High School along with Pro Bowler Budda Baker.

Thompson hit a career high with 121 tackles and three interceptions last season.

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Brett Fitch is confident in the power of his new, very small list

Armed with 10 picks for renewal, Veach set out to boost its roster of inexpensive young athletes. Last season , The average age of a Chiefs player was 26.1. This year, it’s 25.6.

This may not seem like much of a change. But this is the difference between the top 10 Older and top 10 smaller existing.

“I think it’s one of those things,” Fitch said of the team’s new youth during his press appearance on Wednesday. “I think he’s in the foreground [for] All GM. “

Fitch noted that in the NFL, the composition of players on the field can change rapidly.

“I mean, of course,” he said, “that if you have an older list, that’s on your mind.” “But even if you have a younger roster, that is on your mind. You are always a few injuries away from having to bring in the vets.”

“I believe that the ability to have young talents to grow and develop is at the forefront [for] All GM. “

Fitch also noted that even if you have young, healthy players on your team, you should always plan ahead.

“You are always a few good seasons from players who have signed elsewhere. I think the ability to have young talents to grow and develop is at the forefront. [for] Every GM – and we were no different.”

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