Heads up bold predictions for 2022

Such as Kansas City Chiefs Prepare to open the 2022 regular season by taking on the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon, so it’s time to reflect on some bold predictions for the upcoming season. We’ve asked Arrowhead Pride employees to get deep down to come up with their boldest for 2022.

Jodi Fortson will lead the team in relegation

You asked bold? we will… Here you are! With Kansas City making regular visits to the red zone this season, I can see that Fortson has become one of Mahomes’ favorite targets. Back shoulder, jumping balls, shovel passes? You name it, Judy will catch it. I will say he will have nine touchdowns in 2022.

Tom Childs

Skyy Moore and Isiah Pacheco will record a rebounding touchdown

Usually, Kansas City Special Teams coordinator Dave Top doesn’t get credit for serving a good unit unless he scores a touchdown at a kickoff or return throw. With two talented rookies (and a bunch of new faces on special teams – all of them will be excited to do some… the noise) We should expect 2022 to be one of those seasons.

This is it in bold part of the prediction. Here’s the rest: Even if Moore and Pacheco don’t get a touchdown comeback in 2022, the Kansas City special teams will. continue To be one of the reasons why the team won matches. During the nine seasons, Top was the coordinator, and his units only allowed one kick back. This is less than any other team. Meanwhile, his units scored 14 attacks in the second leg – which also tops the league. But this differential 13 is in a class by itself. The next-best team—the Baltimore Ravens—scored just seven more points than it allowed.

this is This is why Toub is allowed some sway over some decisions at the end of the list: because they make a difference.

– John Dixon

Nick Bolton will receive the All-Pro Awards

As the season approaches, the Kansas City midfield group is a definite force. But I don’t think this has been recognized nationally. That will change at the end of the season, when second-year quarterback Nick Bolton finishes the season as one of the NFL’s leading players, earning first- or second-team recognition from the All-Pro team. At Bolton’s location, the All-Pro team has places available to take – and using Bolton on all three touchdowns this season will help him make enough plays to earn that kind of respect.

Ron Cobb Jr.

Boss defense will get at least 45 sacks

It’s no secret that the passing rush in Kansas City last season was as disappointing as asking for ribs from Mashhour Dave. The unit ranked 29th in the league in sacks, dropping the quarterback to a paltry 31 times in 17 regular season games. If you’re anything like me, you still have nightmares of Joe Burrow escaping the clutches of Chris Jones at the Asian Championships.

But it’s all in the past. It’s time to start over.

With Jones now experiencing brink of collapse in rear view—and with a newly assigned (and downsized) Frank Clarke—the Chiefs’ old guard is ready for a revival. With the addition of Carlos Dunlap and very fast very angry George Karlavtis, of Kansas City, finally has the makings for a fast-passing unit that could finish in the top third in the league.

I know it sounds like a huge leap – but in 2021, 45 sacks had barely cracked the top 10 in the NFL. If we want the Lombardy Cup back to Kansas City, we need that prediction to come true.

– Rocky Magana

Trent McDuffie will hold the Defensive Rookie of the Year

Even after training camp and pre-season preparation, the Kansas City player named 21st overall had less fanfare than the 30th overall. While I expect George Karlavtis to turn in a great season, I think people are sleeping on McDuffie. Ingredients are ready for your ex-Washington Husky to turn in a great season.

Kansas City has also invested heavily in coffers. In 2019, it was a great safety game that allowed the Chiefs to make a massive appearance with Bushud Breeland and Charvarius Ward on the outside. A top-notch talent like McDuffie will take this feature to a new level. While there is legitimate concern about the rookie’s height and height, expect Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo to find McDuffie’s best chances of success. If he plays to his ability, he will stand a great chance of winning post-season titles due to the number of times he will play in nationally televised matches against some of the best receivers in football.

Jared Sapp

The Los Angeles Chargers will win the AFC West title, but The Chiefs will win the AFC West title

As the season approaches, you can make a strong case that the Chargers have fewer questions surrounding their team than the Chiefs do. Offensively, Los Angeles checks every box: a star quarterback, a powerful one-to-two punch at a wide receiver and one of the best running appearances in the NFL. Meanwhile, Kansas City kicked off the post-Terrick Hill era in Patrick Mahomes’ career. It remains to be seen exactly how the team will continue to maintain its status as a first-class offense.

A year ago, it was the Chargers’ defense that held them back. If this is still true in 2022, it won’t be because they haven’t tried to fix it. They spent big on star cornerback JC Jackson and defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph Day – and then ditched second- and sixth-round picks for former defensive tackle Khalil Mack. The Chiefs didn’t have that kind of money to spend on defense. In 2022, the unit will rely on a group of uncertain players to take on more important roles.

The chargers still have to prove they’ll sit at the adults’ table – but in a year where bosses recalibrate, they’re doing all the right things. I think Los Angeles is in full swing, while Kansas City is experiencing the early growing pains that come with the list rotation. As many expected, it would give the Chargers a chance to win their first AFC West title since 2009. But in the post-season, the Chiefs will win the conference.

Nick Schwert

Patrick Mahomes will return to the level of the best player

Of course, a void the size of Terek Hill in the Kansas City attack would be a red flag for most teams — but most teams don’t have Patrick Mahomes in the middle.

We got a little taste of The Chiefs’ revamped pre-season attack, seeing Patrick Mahomes go 3-vs-3 in the landing drives. Even after losing prominent faces, this team’s offensive depth is better than it was last year. This depth was shown during pre-season as Mahomes spread the ball around.

With renewed coach Andy Reed – and annoying Mahomes – I’m happy to place my MVP bet on #15 to get back to something similar to his 2018 level.

Stephen Serda

Clyde Edwards Heller will exceed 1,500 yards on aggregate

You’ve heard all the reasons why it didn’t: Edwards Heller was injured a lot (he lost four games a season on average), he has competition, he wasn’t worthy of a first-round pick, he wasn’t explosive enough – and so on. These arguments, however, are Missing the jungle for the trees. I’ve been an Edwards-Helaire fan since before he enlisted – and wouldn’t argue that things went according to plan. But there are plenty of reasons to believe that this is the year for him:

1. Andy Reed’s appearance tends to come later in their careers. LeSean McCoy scored 1,300 yards and 13 touchdowns in his third season. Brian Westbrook didn’t really break out until the fifth year. It may seem like a little longer, but this will still be Edwards-Helaire’s third season.

2. The offensive line is equipped to be the strength of this Kansas City team. Even with question marks on the right handling, Edwards-Helaire will have the pavers ahead. The running game should be more effective than it has been in recent years.

3. There is no doubt that Edwards-Helaire is #1 on the depth chart. Despite all the excitement about Isiah Pacheco (and the perceived competition from Jerick McKinnon and Ronald Jones), The Chiefs continues to treat Edwards-Helaire as a definite comeback progression. This season, he will have All chance to prove that the guy.

4. Edwards Heller was better than you can imagine. Rewatching his movie from last season, I was touched more than I expected. He’s a productive quarterback who needs more size – and more involvement in the passing game. I think he will get both this season – and I think he will succeed.

— Matt Stegner

Chiefs will have five receivers measuring 800 yards

If we later look back and say the 2022 Chiefs attack was a unit of tournament quality, it would be because they did a good job of keeping defenses guessing. This year, Mahomes has not only We talked about Distribute the ball to different playmakers. In the pre-season period, is I did. If this trend continues into the regular season, offensive efficiency could be better than anything we’ve seen since 2018 — when Mahomes won the NFL’s MVP after a season of 50 touchdowns.

So I expect Travis Kelsey, JoJo Smith-Schuster, Mikol Hardman, Marquess Valdes-Scantling, and an as-yet-to-be-determined fifth goal, to get 800 yards in the regular season. None of these players would be among the top 10 recipients in the league, but attacking would be better for him as a whole. And Mahomes will pass himself again for more than 5,000 yards.

Brian Stewart

Justin Reed will make the Pro Bowl

With fresh air inside Kansas City High School, I think this will lead to the safety of the former Houston Texans for a Pro Bowl season. With Tyrann Mathieu gone, Reid is filling in the big shoes – and going into this season, I think his production potential is even greater than Mathieu’s. This great off-season addition should pay off in a big way.

I also think that in special teams, Reed will get a chance at an extra point.

Kramer Sanson