How good are Brooklyn networks?

How good are the files Brooklyn Networks? Have they improved this season? Where do you expect them to end up in the Eastern Conference?

Added: Royce O’Neill, TJ Warren, Edmund Sumner, Markiv Morris

Lost: Bruce Brown, Andre Drummond, Goran Dragic, James Johnson

Bobby Manning

Sean Marks has made some good moves during Kevin Durant’s commercial saga. Royce O’Neill is exactly what this team missed last year, and while the loss of Bruce Brown hurts him, it could be an upgrade. TJ Warren is the perfect low priced candidate for the comeback season playing alongside other stars. The fact that it hasn’t gained much of a free agent’s attention is not encouraging. The stars are what counts here. Does Durant want to be here? If he did, he would have played like the MVP nominee last season. Kyrie Irving’s abilities on the court are not in doubt, and he will need to prove himself reliable in his next decade.

I loved Ben Simmons’ physique when he hit the trade deadline. Now, I actually need to see him on the floor again to believe the last time he played was over 14 months ago. He’ll need to incubate sentry positions for this list to work. Looming over Steve Nash’s defensive flaws as a coach, Durant may have lost faith. The last time we saw Nick Claxton, he shot 1 for 11 on the free throw line in an elimination match. Could it be all about basketball here? If so, and not three years have passed, they are a great team on paper. They are still a poor game against Boston in supplement time. Draw them around the four or five seed, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the pods have collapsed by the middle of the season.

Daniel Burke

This is Schrödinger’s basketball team, and we’ll have no idea what they really are until the box is opened. No team in the league has as much going on behind the scenes of the Nets, and the fact that this entire off-season saga hasn’t produced any material change is perhaps the most disconcerting potential outcome. At the end of the day, this team still includes Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and a solid toolbox of useful role players, and if they stay relatively healthy, they should at least be a mid-tier team. But would any of us really be surprised if this team’s house of cards finally collapsed this season?

Adam Spinella

Betting on choppy stocks is never a good idea, so assigning a pre-season winning total to the final wild card in the NBA is a fool’s errand. On their best days, they have three stars, two of the best ISO scorers in the world, and many veterans and shooters around them. At their worst, they have two of the least reliable personalities in the league, and they lack defensive-minded and somewhat inexperienced individuals. They could win 50 games on talent alone, or blow up in mid-December and hardly look like this group we see in front of us.

Jack Simon

Yes, networks have improved. The addition of TJ Warren, Edmond Sumner, Royce O’Neale and Markieff Morris certainly qualifies for improvement, but it was never really about talent with Brooklyn. It comes down to whether or not they can stay healthy and avoid drama. If they could do these two things, they would be among the top four. If not, welcome to the play cycle.

Neil Eyre

I don’t care about the inner turmoil or the unreliability of their stars, Valentice is still a juggernaut with a roster ready to win the championship. Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons may inexplicably disappear for a week, but when they’re playing at the peak of their abilities, they perfectly complement Kevin Durant-Kerry as secondary scorer and Simmons as playmaker/defender. They have snipers with Patti Mills, Joe Harris, and Seth Curry; Young players ready to improve such as Kesler Edwards, Cam Thomas and Nick Claxton; and trusted veterans with Royce O’Neal and TJ Warren. Durant + Minor Stars + Top Role Players = Championship Contender. They are the only thing standing in their way is themselves.

Jeff Clark

Networks are weird. I have officially given up trying to figure them out.


What is most likely for networks?

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    Final appearances

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    Another appearance in Play-in games

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