How good are the Philadelphia 76ers?

How good are the files Philadelphia 76ers? Have they improved this season? Where do you expect them to end up in the Eastern Conference?

Added: PJ Tucker, Danuel House Jr. , De’Anthony Melton

Lost: Danny Green, DeAndre Jordan

Daniel Burke

Outside of Boston and Milwaukee, I think the Philadelphia 76ers are the Eastern Conference team most likely to punch a ticket to The NBA Finals. I have some concerns about some of the list’s decisions – did James Harden take a pay cut? salary! Using that salary cut to sign PJ Tucker for 3 years, $33 million? amazing! – I wonder what happens to the defense when Joel Embiid is constantly wasting time. But overall, this is an incredibly talented list with the firepower to hang out with just about anyone at the conference. I think we might see very well Celtics-Sixers matchup To finish all Celtics-Sixers matches at some point in the season.

Adam Spinella

There is no juxtaposition of players in the Eastern Conference that is more amazing than the duo of Joel Embiid and James Harden. Their offensive games complement each other well, and Embiid’s defensive prowess helps protect Harden on the other end. Tyrese Maxey looks like a stud in the making, Tobias Harris has been attacked so much that he’s underappreciated, and adding PJ Tucker was a great opportunity for this team. We have real questions about their depth, especially since many of the bench players are really young. But they have a higher level in the tournament. The Sixers are not to be underestimated and they seem like a 50 win team to me.

Jack Simon

The 76ers improved. There is no one to argue with that. Signing PJ Tucker was pretty cool for them, and for some reason, no one’s talking about adding De’Anthony Melton. That was an amazing value. Are they at the Celtics and Pax level? I do not think so. Could they get there if the team settled quickly? definitely. I expect it to at least finish in the top four. Anything else has to be seen as a huge disappointment.

Jeff Pratt

The 76ers have improved this season. The addition of PJ Tucker and Montrezl Harrell to enhance the depth of the front court were powerful moves. However, Philly’s most significant acquisition of the season has been a hungrier and fitter James Harden. Harden wasn’t that impressive after joining the Sixers mid last year, but it looks like he’s downsized significantly and could be back at his level in Houston in 2022. If that happens and Therese Maxi takes another small step forward, watch out. I think Philly will finish third behind Boston and Milwaukee this season.

Jeff Clark

This looks like another team could go either way. They have a higher level in the finals based on their superstars and a very strong support staff. They also have the possibility of bankruptcy. Embiid might be the best player of the year, but I’m not sold on Thin Harden’s return to his heights or even playing at the All Star level. They have a lot of names filling the rotation, but many of these names are in their mid to late 30s and Father Time hasn’t beaten. So I’ll split the teams and expect them to go down in the fourth or fifth seeds.


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