How Manu Ginobili hit his ticket to the Hall of Fame

There is a story Bruce Bowen, one of the best defenders of his era and one of Spear’s best-loved players, enjoys telling to explain the influence of his former teammate Manu Ginobili.

The year was 2012, and Bowen was in London to watch the Summer Olympics. As he walked through the historic town with Carl Lewis, who had won nine Olympic gold medals and stood as America’s most crowned track star ever, a slew of sports fans in the area ran with heavy accents to ask for pictures with the guys. .

But of the fifty people who approached Bowen and Lewis, surprisingly only five seemed interested in being photographed with Lewis. The other 45 or so photos requested with Bowen. “I looked at Carl and laughed, and told him I could get back to him in a second,” Bowen recalls, laughing. But the reality was, these were all basically the ones who knew me and wanted a picture with me because they spent so much time watching Manu play basketball.”